01 September 2011

The Wedding Guest Post Line-up!

Hello everyone!

There is only one more day to go to the wedding, so it's time to me to sign off and leave you in some very capable and creative hands. There are some fantastic bloggers taking over Lather. Write. Repeat. over the next nine days and I encourage you to come read their posts and check out their great blogs. Lovely ladies all of them - I'm sending you gals virtual hugs and doing me the honour of taking time to guest on my blog.

Here's a little taste of what you can expect this week:

On Friday, my very special blog friend and Glamour Smitten writer Rosemary from Ro Ro Ro your blog will be stopping by with her tips for the first year of marriage.  

Super talented Interior Designer Amy from A Design Dock is going to be here on Saturday to share some decorating tips.


On Sunday, my awesome friend Lorraine (who helped me with my wedding invites), who's also a graphic designer at Fusion, agreed to share a very special recipe with you...you'll want to stop by for this one!

The lovely Rebecca from A Daily Something will be giving us a little Style Peek to kickstart Monday.


My inspiring mentor Cassie from Primitive & Proper will be saying hello on Tuesday and sharing some PIY Pointers on what to look out for when selecting vintage furniture to paint.

The stylish Lisa from Sweet Laundry will be dropping in on Wednesday with a fall Style Peek.

Swiss miss Krystal from Village is sharing some of her fall wish list items on Thursday.

On Friday, super mom and all-around artsy lady Ren from Lady of the Arts will be talking love and marriage - after all, she has the experience, it's been over a decade for her and her hubby.


And last but not least, vintage-loving Jamie over at Owl Really shares a Delightful DIY next Saturday on how she transformed an old thrifted furniture find.

Then I'll be back Sunday to say hello! It's actually going to be really hard not to blog, it's something I truly love and it's part of my everyday routine. But I know I need a break and it will be great to introduce you to so many fabulous bloggers!

Thanks again to all the lovely ladies who are covering for me while I'm away at my wedding - love you all!



  1. Awesome!!! So excited to part of this line-up of guest bloggers for you, Lenore. Such an honor. Wishing you the BEST WEDDING AND HONEYMOON. Ever!

  2. Whee!! Very honored to be a part of the line up! :) Sending lots of happy wedding wishes your way! XOXO

  3. Congrats and have an awesome weekend!

  4. So excited for you!! Wishing you love and happiness this weekend. And ENJOY your week off!!

  5. great lineup! i am so honored to be a part of it an dlooking forward to meeting new bloggers. :)
    i am so happy for you- enjoy your wedding and honeymoon. you deserve it!!!!

  6. Hugs* right back at yah Lenore! So excited for you. I'm tickled pink at being a part of this fabulous bloggers line-up! Wishing you a wonderful wedding and week off :) YAY!

  7. good luck and congratulations dear!

  8. what a great line up- I feel lucky to be a part of it- Nice to meet everyone- Looking forward to checking out all your blogs-

  9. i'm honored to be a guestblogger! can't wait to read what everyone else has to say - and what a fun way to discover new blogs!

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  11. Hugs and kisses to you and yours on your wedding day. I can't wait for the photo recap :)

  12. Congrats, have the most amazing day !!!


  13. yay!! i hope the day was incredible!!!


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