23 December 2011

Happy Holidays!

May your holidays be filled with love and family! Mine will be a good one with my two awesome boys...aren't they so cute together? We'll be doing lots of cuddling, eating, hanging out with family and just general re-laxation!!! Yay!

Have a wonderful Christmas and talk to you all soon!

20 December 2011

Style Peek: floral top + black cardi + skinny jeans

Life kinda looks like this these days....like long cardigans and jeans and flowy tops that disguise excess holiday baking binges. Things are pretty routine and I'm counting down the days to 10 glorious days off work...these will be spent lounging at home in stretch clothes, hanging with Jack and Gus and celebrating Christmas with the families....AWESOME! Yoga has been giving me some relief and I've been allowing myself to lag off on my blogging, it's been nice. Did I mention that Jack started our massive bathroom renovation? Things are a little chaotic in the house but with chaos comes the joy of tile selection, paint colours and vanity searches...when he's done building it of course!

black cardigan - Gap (shop here)
floral top - Handmade by my sister

I hope you're all well and I'm wishing you the happiest of holidays seasons! Thanks for always coming back to visit me...I love reading all your notes and comments. I continue to read the blogs, just more low key on the commenting. Life...I'm allowing myself permission to be less than perfect and it feels pretty amazing. You should too...

13 December 2011

Style Peek: sapphire dress + mustard cardi + red belt

Sapphire + Mustard + Red? Oh yes. I was feeeling a little feisty and decided to throw them all together in one happy outfit! This is my new Modcloth dress and I love love it...it's so cute, comfy and vibrant...plus it will go four seasons! I topped it with my favourite mustard cardi plus this cute skinny tomato red woven belt. How's that for taking a risk?

You probably can't tell but it was so cold the day I wore this that I have on tights, leggings, butter socks AND my boots! Anything to be able to wear those dresses... :)

Sapphire for Hire dress - Modcloth (shop here)
mustard cardigan - Gap (shop similar)
charcoal leggings - Hue (shop here)

Tell me...what's the craziest colour combo you've put together and loved?

Have an amazing day friends! Hope you're getting into the holiday spirit!

07 December 2011

Style Peek: hearts dress + green tights + peep toe flats

Hey friends! How are you doing? My trip to Calgary was a blast but of course, now that I'm back into my routine it feels a million miles away...I guess that's why we need to live in the moment. Because that's all it is - a moment and then you're on to the next one! I had amazing visits with my girlfriends and got to stay with my dad and stepmom Laura, who happen to live just minutes from my fave latte spot. Heaven! 

Of course I did a wee bit of shopping, but I made myself only visit 2 stores that I don't have here in Winnipeg - H&M and Anthropologie. You'll definitely be seeing my new duds in posts to come...for now, here's an old pic from last week. It's my faithful hearts dress, with black and white that seems to go with everything! I paired it with a cozy black cardigan and my rockin' green tights from We Love Colors. And those shoes? Well, sadly they are a pair that look adorable but pinch my toe in a weird spot (any tips for this prob?). So they got in the picture but not out the door :)

black and white hearts dress - Forever 21 (shop similar)
black cardigan - Gap (shop here)
olive green tights - We Love Colors (shop here)
black and white flats - Faryl Robin via Soul Shoes

Hope you're all having an amazing week friends! Can you believe Christmas is only a few short weeks away?? Eeek!