07 December 2011

Style Peek: hearts dress + green tights + peep toe flats

Hey friends! How are you doing? My trip to Calgary was a blast but of course, now that I'm back into my routine it feels a million miles away...I guess that's why we need to live in the moment. Because that's all it is - a moment and then you're on to the next one! I had amazing visits with my girlfriends and got to stay with my dad and stepmom Laura, who happen to live just minutes from my fave latte spot. Heaven! 

Of course I did a wee bit of shopping, but I made myself only visit 2 stores that I don't have here in Winnipeg - H&M and Anthropologie. You'll definitely be seeing my new duds in posts to come...for now, here's an old pic from last week. It's my faithful hearts dress, with black and white that seems to go with everything! I paired it with a cozy black cardigan and my rockin' green tights from We Love Colors. And those shoes? Well, sadly they are a pair that look adorable but pinch my toe in a weird spot (any tips for this prob?). So they got in the picture but not out the door :)

black and white hearts dress - Forever 21 (shop similar)
black cardigan - Gap (shop here)
olive green tights - We Love Colors (shop here)
black and white flats - Faryl Robin via Soul Shoes

Hope you're all having an amazing week friends! Can you believe Christmas is only a few short weeks away?? Eeek!


  1. Yoink! That's the sound of me stealing that outfit from you to wear tomorrow! Well, minus the toe-pinching shoes, since they sound owie, and we're a shoe-less office!

  2. I LOVE this outfit. You look adorable. I have this dress, too, and I absolutely love it. =D

  3. That heart dress is so pretty! I love the shoes too, but unfun that they pinch!

  4. The outfit is so cute! Makes me wish I'd worn my green tights today.

    Those shoes have a toe-area that narrows dramatically on the pinky-toe side, so they will likely pinch. Are they leather? If so, shoe-stretchers might work - they did on a couple of pair that don't fit me quite right.

    ~Julie K

  5. Love the dress Lenore! And those shoes...<3

  6. I just love that dress and the green tights! We didn't have an H&M in Portland for what felt like forever. Now we have 3!

  7. Love it!! They all go so good together :)

  8. This dress is adorable! The collar and the print are beautiful. I really like how you paired this dress with green tights too. I'm so glad you had a nice trip to Calgary!

  9. What a sweet dress. I'm not normally a fan of hearts on clothing, but I really like this! And I'm such a sucker for green tights.

    -Beca (fellow Peg-based style blogger)

  10. I would not have thought to wear olive green tights with black and white, but I love the look.

    Now I have a question on something you said: I have never been able to find clothes at H&M because the largest size they carry here (Montréal) is 12 (and I'm a 16-18). Is is different out west?


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