06 January 2014

The Quiet Beauty in Try

I've never been very good at yoga. I'm tall and clumsy, not very flexible...I used to get annoyed with the laying silently part....but one day I woke up and realized that 20 years had gone by. 

20 years of me trying to do yoga. Of signing up for beginner classes here and there throughout the year, just because it felt good to sign up. It felt good to show up. It didn't feel good to awkwardly try to push my butt up init a downward dog...but it felt good to keep trying.

I had just gotten into hot yoga when I found out I was pregnant a year ago. So I had to quit. But here I am this week, back in classes, still trying. I am, by far, one of the least 'yoga-like' people who go to yoga. I'm still the one who can't hold the poses as long as you should. But less and less do I sneak glances at others and wonder if they're judging me. I just show up for me. I keep trying. Even when I'm not very good. Because I like it. 

For all you Type A's out there like me, who always want to be really good at what they do...let's make this the year we find success in just continuing to try. In doing things we love just because we love them. Without apologizing for how bad we are or pushing ourselves to be the best. Let's just keep trying.

You with me?


ps: I had a baby. He's awesome but he keeps me busy. This will be the year I keep trying to blog. Even when I'm not very good at it. :)