29 August 2012

Style Peek: chambray skirt + colour-blocked top + wispy cardigan

Howdy! How are you doing today friends? Well, we have finally completed our reno of the new Gimli condo and I can't even believe it was only 36 DAYS!!! Words cannot express how exhausted yet proud I am of what we accomplished. I took lots of photos of the before and after and I'll share them with you soon, I promise! 

And as one major life event wraps up, another begins - Fall semester at the University! I'm super nervous about the craziness everyone keeps telling me to expect, but also very excited at engaging all the new students on social media. Do you happen to attend/work at/are an alumni of the U of M? Follow us on Twitter @umanitoba and check out our Facebook page at /umanitoba....looking forward to chatting with you!

As for clothes? Well, this Gap chambray gathered skirt kind of goes with anything so I decided to pair it with an old colour-blocked blouse from Forever 21 plus at the back of the closet and an open weave cardi I picked up in spring at Banana Republic. I try hard to be a remixer so every once in a while -  I encourage you to dig to the back of your closet and try a new combo - you just never know how it will turn out!

 chambray gathered skirt - Gap
colour-blocked top - Forever 21 plus
sheer cardigan - Banana Republic (shop here)
necklace - Forever 21
ballet flats - J. Crew (shop here)

Have a lovely day friends!

21 August 2012

Style Peek: black & white bird blouse + cropped khakis + statement necklace

Hey friends! How are you doing? Things are very busy at Casa Hume-McGee these days...our renters are moving in next week so we have one more weekend in Gimli finishing up our reno's, cleaning and making sure everyone has keys, info, etc.! Have I mentioned how much I am looking forward to September?  But the crazy busy won't stop there - since now that I'm working for University we will be inundated with students in only a few short weeks. Maybe it's time to just accept the fact that life is always busy??

On to clothes...now those who know me know that I love my jeans. But the new job means no blue jeans except on Fridays. So I've been trying to be creative with the skirts, dresses and 'alternative pants' as I like to call them. Boy they are tough to find flattering. So I just distract up top, like with this black and white bird print top and chunky red necklace I picked up in the discount bin at J.Crew while in Florida. Keep the eye moving people so they don't stop on the pants! :)

black and white bird print top - Forever 21+ (old)
khaki green cropped trousers - American Eagle (old)
red and gold necklace - J. Crew (purchased on sale in Florida)
black and white flats - Payless

Have a lovely week friends!

13 August 2012

Style Peek: striped cardi + black maxi


Happy Monday friends! Did you have a nice weekend? Mine was lovely, enjoyed lots of relaxing time at the lake with girlfriends, good food, good drink and fell asleep reading last night before 9pm!! Don't you love it when that happens? Sometimes you just have to listen to your body and get the rest you need.

So question of the day: can a maxi dress be work appropriate? I think it can, as long as you keep your other clothing and accessories polished. I picked up this stretchy modal maxi dress in Florida and it's pure perfection - it just goes with everything! I paired it with a striped cardigan, black and white cap toe flats and a bronze necklace. I felt an updo added to the more dressed up look.

maxi dress: Loft (buy here)
striped cardigan: Gap (buy here)
necklace: Forever 21

What do you think friends? Yay or nay to maxi's in the workplace? Would you wear one?

10 August 2012

Easy Summer Updo

Happy Friday friends! Are you looking forward to the weekend as much as I am?

I'm having the girls out to the condo in Gimli this weekend for some R & R and I can't wait! I've said this before but the hardest thing about moving back to Manitoba was losing my network of amazing girlfriends (miss you Dani, Carrie, Laureen and Jess!). But here we are 5 years later and I've settled comfortably into a little group of just as amazing gals. I'm so excited to hang out and have girl talk and eat and swim and just be girly girls.

Speaking of being a girly girl, I love having long hair but I'm a bit lazy when it comes to actually 'doing it'. We've had a wicked heat wave all summer, which has meant getting that hair off my neck as much as possible. So I love finding easy updo's that look like more work than they actually are...like this one from The Beauty Department. This is my go-to site for hair inspiration - I have 3 in the wings to try.

The step-by-step tutorial is super easy to follow and even though their version was more dressy - I thought it worked well mussed up a bit. Check out the tutorial for full details but basically all you're doing is a high ponytail, leaving out a chunk of hair, then making a bun and braiding the chunk to pin around it. What do you think?

How do you survive hot summers with your hair friends? Would love to hear your tips and tricks!

08 August 2012

Fall Shopping Preview

Have you started fall shopping yet friends?

I know, I know...it's only the beginning of August but I always find the first round has the best stuff. It's so hot outside that I'm looking more for transitional pieces that can mix and match with what I have now.

I've been scouring my fave online shopping haunts and here's what I've ordered so far...

This dress from ASOS Curve is so pretty! I'm a huge fan of the shape (blousy top, full skirt, nipped in elastic waist) and the mix of floral and stripe in the print takes care of that for me! I'm wearing it today with bare legs and when things cool off...I'm thinking navy tights and a creamy cardi! Don't forget that ASOS offers free shipping globally on everything!

The pastels and brights in skinny denim has not been for me but I'm super drawn to these earthy neutrals like this rusty bronze, wine, deep teal and midnight blue. I ordered these from American Eagle in the same skinny fit I know and love! Plus I scored the free shipping deal AND they're on sale...how's that for awesome? I plan on pairing them with flats in September and booties in October!

Speaking of boots, I just received this scrumptious pair I ordered from Long Tall Sally! If any of you have larger feet...this is a great resource. I'm a size 11 and sometimes 12, but they even go up to 13! I ordered these slouchy suede boots in a rich mink colour in both 11 and 12, paid ten bucks in shipping and I can return anything that doesn't fit to the LTS location in Kildonan Place - easy peasy! The 11's fit perfect and I can't wait to pair them with tights and dresses...you can even fold them up or down and they have the slightest hint of a heel - just enough for this tall girl to feel comfy!

What's on your fall wish list friends? What are you most looking forward to wearing?