21 August 2012

Style Peek: black & white bird blouse + cropped khakis + statement necklace

Hey friends! How are you doing? Things are very busy at Casa Hume-McGee these days...our renters are moving in next week so we have one more weekend in Gimli finishing up our reno's, cleaning and making sure everyone has keys, info, etc.! Have I mentioned how much I am looking forward to September?  But the crazy busy won't stop there - since now that I'm working for University we will be inundated with students in only a few short weeks. Maybe it's time to just accept the fact that life is always busy??

On to clothes...now those who know me know that I love my jeans. But the new job means no blue jeans except on Fridays. So I've been trying to be creative with the skirts, dresses and 'alternative pants' as I like to call them. Boy they are tough to find flattering. So I just distract up top, like with this black and white bird print top and chunky red necklace I picked up in the discount bin at J.Crew while in Florida. Keep the eye moving people so they don't stop on the pants! :)

black and white bird print top - Forever 21+ (old)
khaki green cropped trousers - American Eagle (old)
red and gold necklace - J. Crew (purchased on sale in Florida)
black and white flats - Payless

Have a lovely week friends!


  1. Love the bird top!! You look gorgeous Lenore and it sounds like you've got the no jeans rule sorted! It'd be tough!!

  2. Gorgeous Lenore! Love this top. I purchased a black and white dress form Jacob. It has an abstracted bird print too, but on a smaller scale. From far it reads as a graphic pattern, but up close you see these cute whimsical birds.
    So fun!!!


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