09 February 2014

Sunday Blog Share: Julep by Minted

I have a confession. I'm just not that into Pinterest. I know that's a pretty unpopular opinion but with only so many minutes in the day - I have to choose my social media wisely. And I LOVE blogs. Yup, always have - probably always will. They are such an inspiration to me - from personal style blogs to glimpses into family life to new recipes to try to home and project ideas. I read them on my phone while I nurse, on the ipad in bed...I love the beautiful pictures and unique points of view and never-ending feed of inspiration.

One of my new favourite blogs to browse is Julep by Minted. When they asked me to check out their site and blog, I was super excited to dive in. I was already a fan of their products and it was so great to have another great addition to my blogroll. If you're not familiar, Minted is a gorgeous online paper and gift goods shop that crowdsources independent designs from all over the world.  Luxe wedding invites, cool cards and beautiful artwork are just a taste of what they offer. Designers get a commission on each of their sales. Cool, right? Julep is a curated collection of design-influenced blog posts inspired by their artists and products.

Yesterday I gave you a peek inside Huck's nursery decor and one of the things I'm working on is his gallery wall and adding more images in general around the house. It's funny because it can take me a long time to put art and photos up on the wall but once I do - I love love looking at them. They give me so much joy every day and they really add richness and depth to our home. Art is such a personal thing, isn't it?

Minted has some gorgeous wall art prints and I'm especially loving these bathroom pairings they shared on Julep.

Slowly but surely, I'm adding new pieces around the house and adding a touch of whimsy to places more unexpected rooms. I'm thinking of grabbing this vintage KitchenAid mixer print for the kitchen, what do you think?

How do you get your daily inspiration? Are you a blog lover, a Pinterest gal or an Instagram fiend? All three perhaps?

Are you a fan of art in unexpected places?

**Disclosure: I was compensated by Minted for this post, but all the thoughts, opinions and curated ideas are my own.

07 February 2014

Huck's Nursery Tour

When it came to planning Huck's nursery, we were pretty limited in our space options. We have a small house with small rooms. But I was determined to make it work and make it function. We have plenty of time to think about moving into a bigger house when our financial situation allows it. Plus, more space more stuff - right?

I knew I wanted the space to be bright, airy, cozy, simple and functional. I wanted it to reflect the style of our home but still be fun and right for a baby. Chic but not stuffy. Whimsical but not too cheesy. Am I right that there is A LOT of cheesy kid's stuff out there? Why can't it be a touch more elegant and simple? I wanted neutral creams and greys with pops of turquoise, lime green and yellow.

And I wanted to do it on a budget. So here's a basic breakdown:

General decor: I chose a neutral pale grey green colour for the walls to brighten the small space. Jack built me a gorgeous feature wall using old weathered barn board we had picked up in rural Manitoba for a past project that didn't happen. Old shelves we had pulled out of one of our Gimli rental properties added storage space and Jack used a few of the leftover barn board pieces to make our custom 'H'. I am slowly building a gallery wall - starting with with some fun prints of animals with books I picked up on sale by the lovely Trafalgars Square shop on Etsy ($12 each) with cheap IKEA frames, a print we bought on our honeymoon in Florida in a thrift store frame (the school of fish) and an 'H is for Huck' online printable that I simply printed at home (get yours here!). I plan to add more to the wall over time.

Crib area: I was lucky enough to receive this pretty and simple IKEA crib ($79) as a shower gift from two wonderful girlfriends. I picked up the mattress at Babies R US with a discount coupon and the Aiden and Anais bedding was a shower gift as well (available locally at E-Children in the Exchange).

Feeding area: I knew I wanted something ultra comfy for feedings and rocking Huck to sleep but rockers and gliders are soooo expensive! I scoured the IKEA scratch and dent section for months while pregnant and finally scored with this leather overstuffed rocker/recliner. It was originally $649 but was a floor model with some denim marks on the cream seat so I scored it for $260. It was definitely my big splurge for the room but well worth it and again - it will transition well in our next home as additional living room/basement furniture. The quilt is ultra special to me...my sister made it using all the fabrics featured on the tables at our wedding. The lamp I picked up at Target.

Changing area: The change table is just an IKEA dresser ($149) that we can use as Huck gets older and transitions to big boy furniture. Jack built the wooden box that secures the change pad to the top for safety. Dollar Store buckets and baskets in pretty pops of colour hold all my diaper and changing supplies.

Storage: The room has a very small closet filled with a few hanging items, bedding and wipes refills, the laundry basket, diaper garbage, etc. IKEA baskets above the closet and under the crib hold toys and items not currently in use. A hook rack behind the door keeps my baby carriers and stores dirty reusable diapers.

Hope you enjoyed the nursery tour! I really love spending time with Huck in the space and despite the small size - is quite functional thanks to some design choices.

What's your favourite tip for scoring extra storage in small spaces?

06 February 2014

Introducing Huck Jackson McGee

Born October 20th, 2013 at a whopping 9 pounds, 15 ounces and 22 inches long. Where do I even start when it comes to talking about my new son (well, if you call 15 weeks new!)? Wow, just saying I have a son is pretty surreal. He's so great. I'm not going to lie...this parenting this is exhausting and emotional and stressful and challenging. But waking up to that smiling face? Worth it.

Here are my favourite shots from Huck's 9-day old photo shoot with Sunny S-H Photography. She's a real gem that Sunny. If you're looking for a family photographer in Winnipeg, I cannot say enough good things about her.