23 November 2012

Technical Difficulties

 Hey everyone! If you've made it this far you have incredible patience - because my blog is being a real pain lately. It's taking a VERY long time to load and I've not super tech savvy so I'm working with my brother-in-law - IT guru - to see if I can clean up the links in my code that are dragging me down. So thanks again for hanging in there and hopefully we'll get this all fixed up soon!

For all my US blog friends - hope you are enjoying the aftermath of a wonderful Thanksgiving!

15 November 2012

Style Peek: cobalt blazer + high low dress

Ahhh, this indoor lighting is really killing me.  Doesn't the sun know I have optimum times I need her for my blog photos? Life's big problems right?? :) How are you guys doing? Winter has settled in here in Winnipeg which means everything just takes a little longer...has just another layer... I love the coziness of getting home, cooking a hot comfort food meal and snuggling in the for the night. The cooler weather makes me feel less guilty about indulging my home-body-ness...you know?

Speaking of layers, I'm full on here! This nubby grey dress has a high-low hem (which I swore I hated) that I've come to accept as good eye trickery for the figure flattering. Tights, tall boots and a very bright cobalt blazer top it off. Blazers are my clothing nemesis - I find it really hard to find ones that fit right. My key ingredients? A fabric with a bit of stretch, single button closure and going up a size then getting the sleeves tailored in. How about you friends? What's your clothing nemesis?

Hope you're all having a great week!

05 November 2012

Do you Stella & Dot?

Do you know Stella & Dot friends? I'm sure by now you've either heard of it, attended an event or own one of their fantastic pieces of jewellery! They're a gorgeous line of jewellery sold via 'trunk shows', which are essentially the modern, updated Tupperware party with lovely baubles and pretty trinkets. If you're interested in either hosting a show or doing some holiday shopping at Stella & Dot, I'd like to introduce you to my great friend Shannon Pontes! She's an S&D stylist here in Winnipeg and you can visit her web page here. Because sometimes it's just nice to have a referral, don't you think? 

I've been to Shannon's trunk shows and she's that perfect mix of stylish, knowledgeable and super friendly!

You know I'm a fan, here's a shot of me wearing the Graceful Nomad necklace...

The Adina necklace is on the top of my Christmas wish list (which I gave to both my husband AND my Stella & Dot stylist Shannon!)...

And I LOVE the Gifts for under $60 feature....it's going to be easy to cross everyone off my list. There's so many affordable jewellery options, plus the little girls section is so cute...when I was 12 I would have loved to get a piece of jewellery that was just for me!

You can visit Shannon's Stella & Dot page here to book a party or shop online any time of the day or night! Your order is shipped right to your door. And don't forget to tell her Lenore sent you....

Have a lovely week friends!