28 February 2012

Style Peek: Coral Cardigan + Black and Pink Swallow Print Dress

Hello! How are you doing today? I'm pretty tired because let's just say that puppy training is not a cakewalk!! We're having some serious issues with Henry crying all night in his kennel and it's not something we experienced with Gus. Argghhh! We're trying everything so if you have any tips or tricks - do share!

So interesting story about this dress...it was my first ever purchase from UK retailer New Look. I love their clothes and was excited for this fun and casual bird dress. When it finally arrived, I opened the package and found they had sent the dress 2 sizes too big. I had a little panic attack and tried to contact them via Twitter, FB, email and any other way I could find....cue crickets noise....no response! Nada! Nothing! Nothing makes my blood boil more than bad customer service. When I didn't hear anything, I decided to try the dress on to see  what I could salvage with alterations. Turns out, because of the elastic waist and blousy fit, I could get away with the bigger size (sniffles :) and I actually love the dress (and the adorable pockets!). I do a lot of online ordering so a snafu was bound to happen...but still no word from them?? What would you do? The clothes are adorable, but would you write them off in principle?  I probably already know your answer...

dress from New Look
coral cardigan from Gap (shop similar)
coral and gold necklace from Forever 21 (shop similar)

Do you have any online ordering horror stories? Has it kept you off the web or do you shop online anyway?

27 February 2012

New Items in Shop my Closet!

Just a quick hello to say have a fab week friends and let you know that I've added a few more items to shop my closet - check them all out here!

Faryl Robin Black and Cream Peep Toe Kitten Heels - Size 11

Aldo Black Leather Pointy Toe Flat - Size 11

J. Crew 100% Cashmere Cardigan Size XL in Heather Spearmint

Gap White Cotton Tunic - Size XL

Paige Premium Denim Robertson Jeans in Size 32

Dessy Dutchess Satin Pleated Ballet Flats Size 11 in Oyster

Don't forget Winnipeggers - I offer free local pick-up! Have a fantastic week and I'll talk to you all soon!

24 February 2012

Curvy Spring Dress Picks

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you're all doing well...it's continued to be sicky central at our house so I've been off the grid and DEFINITELY not wearing anything worth posting. That hasn't stopped me from scouring the internet for the cutest curvy dresses for spring though....here are some of my faves!

I love the bold colour and flowy feel of this ASOS Curve dress! Comes in UK sizes 20-26 (North American sizes 16-22).

Did you know Ruche has a Curvy Plus section? The pieces come in 1X-3X and they are super chic AND super affordable! Love the pretty pink and versatile shape of this dress.

I order my jeans and the occasional top and dress from American Eagle online. They carry a lot of extended sizes online that are not available in store. Jeans go up to 18 Long and tops/dresses up to XXL. I love the soft grey floral print and adjustable side ties on this dress!

At Modcloth, you can search by size and this fun and frilly take on the LBD comes in sizes 1X, 2X and 3X! Plus, if you have any doubt about sizing, you can ask a Modstylist to take flat measurements of the garment you're thinking of buying! How's that for service? (I really wish every online shop offered flat measurements.)

Old Navy has been knocking my socks off this spring with their adorable prints! I've picked up several silky poly tops to mix and match with skinny jeans and my fave cardis. The dresses are fab too, I really love this pretty navy maxi dress...fits a supportive bra perfectly and hits you at all the right spots! Goes up to a size XXL.

Dorothy Perkins is a UK retailer and I recently made my first online purchase...so I'll let you know how it goes.  Shipping is about $11-12, so not free but not crazy. They have super cute clothes in curvy sizes that are miles away from frumpy (up to UK size 22/US size 18)! I love the stylish stripes and universally flattering shape of this sleeveless dress.

Forever 21 is one of my dress faves....as they are always under $30 each! Some Forever 21 stores carry the Plus line and some don't. Winnipeg does - yay! Calgary doesn't - boo! But you can order online on via the Canadian web site with free shipping on orders of $60 and returns by store or mail.  They carry sizes 1X-3X (which unfortunatley is only like a 14/16/18). This is such a nice flattering shape and I love the lazer cutouts on top!

Have you started spring shopping yet friends? What's on your wishlist?

17 February 2012

Style Peek: red tribal print dress + + woven belt + black tights

Happy Friday lovelies! Are you excited for the weekend? It's a long one here with Monday off so I'm extra thrilled about it! I'm also thrilled about the coming spring...it's been one of the warmest winters EVER here in Winnipeg and I've been taking full advantage by shopping for new spring dresses then pairing them with tights and cardis. This is one of them - a cute little red and white printed faux wrap dress from Forever 21 plus...$27 for cute spring fashion - um, yes please!

red and white print dress - Forever 21 Plus (show now)
black cardigan - Gap (shop similar)
black tights - old
brown woven belt - Old Navy (shop similar)

 I don't know if you can tell by reading the blog, but i've got a bit of a Type A personality (duh!). I've always been an ambitious over achiver and as I get older, it's now starting to catch up with me. The things I could juggle in my 20's without batting an eye now feel like too much....my plate feels really full and it's causing me a bit of stress...the problem is - they're all good things! I just have trouble turning things down. I feel like I need to do some soul searching...and so I pulled out the markers and made this little mind map.

It's hard to tell but I've divided my life into work, hobbies, health, family and friends, then added all the things I do and need to do regularly in each category, seeing how they overlap and affect each other. It's giving me some perspective on where I want to do more, where I'm doing too much and my pain points and values. We'll see where it all leads....

Do ever need to stop and re-evaluate friends? Do you have trouble saying no or giving up things? How do you juggle it all??

15 February 2012

Style Peek: cobalt dress + white cardi + black tights

Happy Wednesday friends! How is your week going so far? It's been a bit of a whirlwind here with some unexpected expenses, from the hot water tank going to some expensive work needed on my vehicle. Jack and I are both pretty big hustlers when it comes to finding ways to make extra coin so he's been picking up some extra side jobs and I've been clearing out the house and my closet with items to sell locally on Kijiji (see my listings here) and on Ebay with Shop my Closet items. I'll be adding new items regularly so I'll keep you posted! Plus I finally feel like I'm getting out of my winter rut and I'm ready to paint some furniture. My basement is full of items just waiting for a Lather Creations makeover...so watch for that too!

This is my fave Modcloth purchase to date - it's called the Sapphire for Hire Dress - how cute is that name? I love the vibrant colour and the girly cream embroidery details. I kept my cardi and tights simple....to let the colour really pop! I was sorry to hear some of you weren't happy with Modcloth's new Canadian shipping. I try to keep my purchases under $60 so I don't have to deal with customs fees, I know they can be a huge pain and expense when they do happen :(

sapphire for hire dress - Modcloth (shop now)
white cardigan - Gap (shop similar)
black tights - old

Have an amazing week friends!

11 February 2012

Shop My Closet!

Hello! Big day today...I just listed many more items on Ebay so you can shop my closet here! I've been wanting to do a big closet clean-out for a while but I'd been procrastinating....

Welllllllll....our hot water tank exploded last night, so the giant bill for the new tank was just the driver I needed to get selling! All the items are in mint condition, some new without tags and some pre-worn. There are great dresses from Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Forever 21, Anthropologie and several pairs of Paige Premium Denim at steal prices (from WAY back when I could afford it - ha!). So curvy girls, hope you find something fab!  I offer free local pick-up as well for you locals in Winnipeg and I tried to keep the shipping low. If you have any questions at all, drop me a direct email at lhume1@mts.net.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the items...

'Velvet' Grey Dress from Anthropologie - SOLD

Blush Pink A-line Dress from H&M - SOLD

Red Paisley Print Dress from Forever 21 - SOLD

Olive Green Ruffle Dress from Banana Republic - Buy here

Paige Premium Denim Jeans - Buy here

Retro Denim Bermuda Shorts from Anthropologie - Buy here

I will continue to keep you updated here on the blog whenever I add new items for sale. Tell me friends, do you sell any of your clothing items? I do a mix of donate, sell and give to my sister! Sometimes you have to just freshen up, you know!

Have a fabulous weekend!

09 February 2012

ASOS Curve Dress for Sale

Hi all! Hope you're having a fabulous week! I can't tell you how busy things have been since we got our little puppy Henry...it's like having a new baby!!! (I think, since I wouldn't know :) But two dogs are DEFINITELY more work than one! It's good work, just keeping me away from fun things like blogging.

I wanted to share this with my curvy readers - I'm selling a dress I ordered from ASOS Curve on Ebay. You can check out the listing here! Sadly, it just didn't fit me right...luck of the draw with internet shopping! It's too costly to return to the UK so I'm hoping to sell it. It's more suited to an hourglass figure than my apple shape. It's brand new with tags and you can visit the original dress information here. It's the black version of the Tulip Dress in a size 16US/20UK, fully lined. I paid $55 originally and I'm selling it 'buy it now' for $39.99 or you can bid starting at $19.99. I tried to keep shipping super cheap and I have a local pick up option!

Length: 38 inches
Bust (laying flat x2): 23 inches
Waist(laying flat x2): 19 inches (elastic waist provides additional 4-5 inches stretch)
Hips(laying flat x2): 28 inches

Don't you think we should make a pact? Anything we buy online that doesn't fit and can't be easily returned - we sell and share the info with each other??

03 February 2012

Style Peek: floaty bird dress + black tights + cropped cardi

Hi! It's been such a busy but wonderful week with our new little pup Henry at home...him and Gus have become best buds and he's a fantastic addition to our little family. Jack has also been working away at our bathroom reno and the stand up shower is almost done! I'll be sure to share some pics. How has your week been going friends?
This is a dress that I ordered back in the fall from UK retailer ASOS. They're fast becoming a new fave....I love their 'Curve' section, the clothes are modern and cute - not like some frumpy plus size offerings out there. I feel head over heels for this gorgeous print. I ordered the dress a size too big (UK sizes are 2 sizes up from ours - so if you're a 16 here, you'd be a 20 with ASOS) and it came with sheer sleeves that did nothing for me...so I took a shot at my own alterations and I couldn't be more happy!

For those of you wondering, ASOS offers FREE SHIPPING worldwide! How great is that? Plus, if you keep your purchase below $60ish dollars, you can avoid customs fees. Anything more and you're at risk of getting dinged. The more I hunt around, the more I love the UK retailers for plus size options...they are super cute! Some others I've found are Dorothy Perkins, New Look and Style369. See what you think!

floaty bird dress - ASOS
brown cropped cardigan - Gap (old)
black tights - unknown
brown suede belt - Target

By the way, I can't WAIT for sunshine in the morning so my photos brighten up! So dark and dreary right now, thanks for putting up with them.

Hope you are all planning a lovely weekend!