17 February 2012

Style Peek: red tribal print dress + + woven belt + black tights

Happy Friday lovelies! Are you excited for the weekend? It's a long one here with Monday off so I'm extra thrilled about it! I'm also thrilled about the coming spring...it's been one of the warmest winters EVER here in Winnipeg and I've been taking full advantage by shopping for new spring dresses then pairing them with tights and cardis. This is one of them - a cute little red and white printed faux wrap dress from Forever 21 plus...$27 for cute spring fashion - um, yes please!

red and white print dress - Forever 21 Plus (show now)
black cardigan - Gap (shop similar)
black tights - old
brown woven belt - Old Navy (shop similar)

 I don't know if you can tell by reading the blog, but i've got a bit of a Type A personality (duh!). I've always been an ambitious over achiver and as I get older, it's now starting to catch up with me. The things I could juggle in my 20's without batting an eye now feel like too much....my plate feels really full and it's causing me a bit of stress...the problem is - they're all good things! I just have trouble turning things down. I feel like I need to do some soul searching...and so I pulled out the markers and made this little mind map.

It's hard to tell but I've divided my life into work, hobbies, health, family and friends, then added all the things I do and need to do regularly in each category, seeing how they overlap and affect each other. It's giving me some perspective on where I want to do more, where I'm doing too much and my pain points and values. We'll see where it all leads....

Do ever need to stop and re-evaluate friends? Do you have trouble saying no or giving up things? How do you juggle it all??


  1. Love the pop of color! Have a great (long) weekend!

  2. Cute dress. Red, white, and black is one of my favourite colour combos. And yes, last year I re-evaluated my friendships and I would say I'm way better off. Good for you for getting life organized! xo


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