03 February 2012

Style Peek: floaty bird dress + black tights + cropped cardi

Hi! It's been such a busy but wonderful week with our new little pup Henry at home...him and Gus have become best buds and he's a fantastic addition to our little family. Jack has also been working away at our bathroom reno and the stand up shower is almost done! I'll be sure to share some pics. How has your week been going friends?
This is a dress that I ordered back in the fall from UK retailer ASOS. They're fast becoming a new fave....I love their 'Curve' section, the clothes are modern and cute - not like some frumpy plus size offerings out there. I feel head over heels for this gorgeous print. I ordered the dress a size too big (UK sizes are 2 sizes up from ours - so if you're a 16 here, you'd be a 20 with ASOS) and it came with sheer sleeves that did nothing for me...so I took a shot at my own alterations and I couldn't be more happy!

For those of you wondering, ASOS offers FREE SHIPPING worldwide! How great is that? Plus, if you keep your purchase below $60ish dollars, you can avoid customs fees. Anything more and you're at risk of getting dinged. The more I hunt around, the more I love the UK retailers for plus size options...they are super cute! Some others I've found are Dorothy Perkins, New Look and Style369. See what you think!

floaty bird dress - ASOS
brown cropped cardigan - Gap (old)
black tights - unknown
brown suede belt - Target

By the way, I can't WAIT for sunshine in the morning so my photos brighten up! So dark and dreary right now, thanks for putting up with them.

Hope you are all planning a lovely weekend!


  1. I love asos too! Their curve section is wonderful. I thought very seriously about ordering that dress but I didn't. It looks absolutely lovely on you!

  2. You look smashing Lenore!!! Love the outfit. Gorgeous ;)

  3. Ooh! Thanks for mentioning Asos! And the tips on customs! Glad the puppy is working out!

  4. What a lovely patter. So happy you made the dress work. It looks perfect on you. I really need to cave and try out Asos. I'm just a little nervous that it won't work out...

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