31 March 2013

A Very Special Easter Announcement...

Happy Easter friends! I know I haven't been around much lately but I have a good excuse....we're having a baby!

It's been pretty surreal to say the least! At 36 and 37, we weren't even sure if a little one was in the cards for us, or if we were ready to shake up our pretty awesome life. But in the end, we decided that adding a little buddy to our family would be a great blessing and the next chapter for us. So we threw caution to the wind and....we were lucky enough to get pregnant. And I do mean lucky, because we have many dear friends who struggle with fertility. It is not something that we take for granted and my heart breaks for their difficulties.  

I'm just over 12 weeks along, heading into my 2nd trimester and feeling pretty good. No morning sickness (knock on wood), but plenty of fatigue (can you say daily nap??) and clothes are definitely starting to get tight (um, humbling). Baby should be joining us in early October....

floral dress: Old Navy
olive cardigan: Old Navy
chocolate tights: Hue
leaf necklace: Forever 21

My hope is to continue to share my style peeks (which will now be baby bump peeks!) with you plus other fun bloggy stuff. Thanks for continuing to join me on this blog - it's been along for the ride for so many different life changes and here is yet another one :)

Thanks friends!