30 June 2011

Style Peek: Be Cool

Our scorching weather continues! Today was +33 and it felt like an oven outside - pretty awesome! But definitely a challenge to stay cute without looking like a drowned rat. This mean hair OFF THE FACE. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. This is a non-negotiable for me in this weather. Bare arms, legs and toes help too! We have wicked wonderful air conditioning at work so the cardi is a must for layering. But once I stepped outside...that baby was off!! 

Of course I am forever grateful to Fusion for having such a flexible dress code that I can wear this to the office.

Navy flip flops - Joe Fresh

I tried out a new hairstyle that I found on Cupcakes and Cashmere. You braid both sides of your hair like you're doing two french braids but stop midway and tie them. Then gather all the hair into a low bun. I'm liking the extra texture it gives around the face.

What do you wear to beat the heat friends? I'm thinking of all of you down in Florida and the rest of the southern US...I feel for ya in this heat!

Have the most amazing long weekend and talk to you soon!

Delightful DIY: Bring the Beach Home for Free


Hello everyone! Happy 'day before the long weekend'! As I blabbed on about yesterday, I'm sooo excited to relax for four whole days. I can't wait to get out to Gimli, even though it's only been four days since I was there!

One of my favourite things about Gimli is the washed out beachiness of the area. I love the endless grey skies, the steel coloured water, the faded sand and stones in shades of cream, taupe and pale grey. I long to bring it all indoors to my home, so I can always feel like I do when I'm there. I also love to decorate with as many natural elements and shades as I can. So when we were laying on the secluded remote beach we found last weekend, my eyes wandered to all the pretty bleached out driftwood laying around.  It has the most lovely gray-brown colouring to it and it's smooth from the elements.

I collected the prettiest pieces and brought them home. To keep the arrangement from looking too country, I used a tall and sleek modern glass vase to give it a more contemporary feel. I love how it turned out. It's tall enough to sit on the floor and provide a really natural feel to the space. Plus it always reminds me of my favourite place on earth! (Do make sure you're not removing something that shouldn't be! Fallen and dead branches, a few beach stones or sand and dried leaves are generally ok.)

I see lots of rustic arrangements at places like Pier 1, Potter Barn and Restoration Hardware. But why spend all that $$ when you can scour your own landscape for treasures? I smile everytime I walk by it now!

Do you decorate with natural elements friends? What is native to your area that makes a great display?

29 June 2011

This is what 30 degrees looks like...

It's hot, hot, hot here! +30 hot! Which means I am wilting like a sad flower, my clothes are sticky and clingy and all I could think about all day was slipping into a t-shirt and shorts and getting my hair off my neck.  That's why no outfit post for you today...

But I'm not complaining, I'm actually daydreaming of the upcoming long weekend. I took Monday off so it's going to be four sweet days of down time. We're getting our Gimli condo back from the renters and there are some chores that need to be done. But that doesn't mean we're not going to go boating and sunbathing and swimming in the lake - yipee!

Also on my weekend list to stay cool:
-reading Mercy by Jodi Picoult
-playing with Gus in the cool grass
-taking my first full dip in the water  (first time is always the toughest!!)
-maybe sneaking in a little 'Lenore road trip' to Grand Forks on Friday...yes, I'm addicted now!

How's things where you are?  Are you savouring summer's scorching days?

What's your favourite way to beat the heat friends?

28 June 2011

From the Kitchen: Mom's $4 Tomato Mac Soup

Hello friends, how are you doing today? Yesterday I made some of my favourite soup. My mom used to make it when  I was growing up and I swear - it costs less than $4 a pot. Plus you can have all the ingredients waiting in your pantry so it's a great 'scrape together dinner before grocery day'.

You'll need:
-cooking spray
-2 medium yellow onions, cut into thick slices
-1 teaspoon sugar
-3 teaspoons balsamic vinegar
-1 28oz can diced tomatoes
-2 28oz cans full of water
-1 cup whole wheat macaroni
-salt and pepper to taste

1. Spray a 5+ quart soup pot with cooking spray. Heat to medium and saute onions 6-8 minutes until sweating (not brown).
2. When onions start to get jammy, whisk together sugar and balsamic vinegar and add to onions. Continue to saute for another 5 minutes until they start to caramelize.
3. Add diced tomatoes and water, turn heat to high until soup starts to boil.
4. Add macaroni and reduce heat to medium, simmering for 8 minutes and stirring frequently.
5. Turn off heat and let soup sit for 10-15 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste, I like lots in my tomato macaroni soup!

Hope you all have a lovely day. It's shaping up to be super hot here this week and Friday is Canada Day so looking forward already to the long weekend!! How about you?

Happy cooking!

27 June 2011

Style Peek: Weekend Friend Style

Hi friends! Happy Monday to you all...did you have a good weekend? Mine was superb. One of my bestest came in from Calgary for a work conference and extended her stay to include a weekend with me. It had been over a year since we've seen each other so there was oodles to catch up on! Plus since my move to Winnipeg three and a half years ago, I've been missing my strong established circle of girlfriends. It was joyful to spend time with someone who knows me so well. It will be hard to see her go :(

Friday we stayed up late drinking beers on a patio near my house and Saturday we were up bright and early for a day of shopping and eatings (girls fave things!!). We had breakfast at Stella's, browsed the St. Norbert's Farmers Market, shopped on Academy and in the village and had afternoon Margaritas on the patio at Carlos & Murphy. In the evening, J joined us for a bbq and some laziness. It was a scorcher that day so we dressed appropriately...

Floral top - Kohls
Denim shorts - Gap
Flip flops - Joe Fresh
Necklace - Silver Lotus Boutique

Isn't Danielle a cutie? Her style is such a cute mix of surfer/skater girl and super feminine details!

Sunday was another perfect day so J and I decided to whisk Danielle away to my fave place on earth - Gimli! We took the boat and zipped around the lake, stumbling upon the most amazing calm, private beach. We chilled out while J fished, then we had pickeral dinner at the Beach Boy. The day was capped off with frozen yogurt and a walk around the Forks. Perfect!

Floral headscarf - thrifted
Sunglasses - American Eagle Outfitters
Navy tank top - Old Navy

Aaahhhh, I'm totally relaxed after such a great weekend. I love the easy chatting that comes with being old friends.

By the way, I've been in heavy duty scarf hunting mode for my Scarf Swap, and I'm loving the retro 50's headscarf look for summer!

How was your weekend friends?

24 June 2011

Style Peek: Friday Florals

Yay! It's Friday, it's hot and sunny here and I'm picking up one of my besties at the airport tonight. Danielle is visiting for the weekend from Calgary and I can't wait to go to the Farmer's Market, have drinks on the patio, drive to the beach and just hang out and share secrets. I was so sad to move away from my girlfriends in Calgary but like any good friendship, if it's really true distance doesn't matter.

Today I'm wearing my absolute favourite all-time dress. I got it many years ago from Anthropologie after falling in love with the sunny print, the crinkly material and the pockets! Plus the elastic empire waist is super forgiving so it seems to fit no matter what. It's seen weddings and workdays, showers and dinners. 

Plus you didn't think I'd finish the week off with yet another bright orange outfit, did you? As usual, I toned it down with a navy cardi and flip flops. There's something about orangey red and navy that feels so preppy fresh to me...

Tell me friends, what's your absolute favourite piece of clothing?

Floral dress - Anthropologie
Navy cardigan - Gap
Navy Flip Flops - Joe Fresh
Necklace - Etsy

I've also been experimenting with liquid eyeliner. I love the look but I'm a bit of a rookie. I tried the liquid brush and failed miserably, luckily a twitter friend recommended the felt tip and I'm loving it! So much easier. Have you tried liquid liner or is that just way too much to ask??

Have the most glorious weekend, I can't wait to share mine and read all about yours!

23 June 2011

Style Peek: Tiger Stripes

More orange you say? Yes, it's my colour of the season...somehow a few pieces here and there creeped into my wardrobe and now it feels like it's EVERYWHERE! Good thing I love it. 

More wonky Winnipeg weather keeps messing with me. I start the day chilled and by the end I want to strip down in my car it's so hot. I really hope this keeps up because one of my best friends is visiting from Calgary this weekend and I was really hoping for a Gimli beach day! Send the sun good vibes my friends...

Oh yeah, back to the weather. So this means layer, layer - as I did today with a loose striped v-neck t (don't you love stripes - I LOVE stripes!), a thin oversized coral cardigan, boyfriend jeans and some rugged leather sandals. These sandals I bought on a whim many years ago in a 'comfy shoe store' and I was a wee bit embarrassed at the time, but they fit right into the embellished sandal trend so all in all - a good purchase in the end. Since I've started taking my pics in the morning, you will sometimes be subject to my wet hair...

Coral cardigan - Gap
Striped T - Old Navy
Boyfriend jeans - Gap
Sandals - Hush Puppies
Necklace - Etsy

What colour stands out in your closed as your 'go to' colour friends?

Hope you have the most wonderful day! If you're new to the blog I'd love it if you said hello...