10 June 2011

Style Peek: Blooming Boho

Hello and Happy Friday to you friends! Yay for the weekend. What are your plans? Tonight J and I are watching the NHL playoffs (go Bruins!). Tomorrow I'm taking a solo road trip down to Grand Forks, North Dakota to pick up some shoes we ordered for J and his best man (turquoise Converse All-Stars). I'm super excited for a little change of scenery shopping, because I've never been. I know Grand Forks is not New York but hello Target! Hello TJ Maxx! Hello Macys and JC Penney! Hopefully I find a few cute things. Early tomorrow it will be me, my ipod, a huge latte and the open road...I love road trips - how about you? Then Sunday is my bridal shower, so fun!

Remember my strapless maxi dress that I modified with homemade straps? Here she is! It was really nice out today and the breezy maxi is the ultimate for feeling cool. It has the prettiest 70's-ish floral print and I paired it with the green cardigan that got cut from the engagement pics! My silver disc necklace and gold flats completed the look. I felt a bit odd about mixing metals - thoughts?

I hope you all have an amazing weekend, be sure to tell me all about it!!

Any shopping tips for my day trip to the US? I'm hoping Target has some of their Calypso pieces I can snap up!

Talk to you soon friends!


  1. I don't have a problem with mixing metals. Actually, my wedding set is platinum and gold - my first foray in to mixed metals. I think that the rule to not mix metals is like the "blue and green should not be seen" fashion adage...it's old school :)

  2. i love this look! i love boho anyhow, but i love long dresses and skirts- so pretty and they are so comfy, too!

  3. aren't maxi dresses the BEST? seriously so comfy and that one looks great!

    have the best time at your bridal shower (isn't it all starting to sink in?)

  4. man, i was happy to finally hear someone say "go bruins" !! i'm not into hockey at all but i live in british columbia and people go sooo crazy! cars have been honking all night - i guess the bruins lost...:( sorry 'bout that, lol.

  5. I always love your shoe shots...maybe because I'm a shoe fanatic and you seem to always have the best pairs ever! Love it Lenore ;)


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