30 June 2011

Delightful DIY: Bring the Beach Home for Free


Hello everyone! Happy 'day before the long weekend'! As I blabbed on about yesterday, I'm sooo excited to relax for four whole days. I can't wait to get out to Gimli, even though it's only been four days since I was there!

One of my favourite things about Gimli is the washed out beachiness of the area. I love the endless grey skies, the steel coloured water, the faded sand and stones in shades of cream, taupe and pale grey. I long to bring it all indoors to my home, so I can always feel like I do when I'm there. I also love to decorate with as many natural elements and shades as I can. So when we were laying on the secluded remote beach we found last weekend, my eyes wandered to all the pretty bleached out driftwood laying around.  It has the most lovely gray-brown colouring to it and it's smooth from the elements.

I collected the prettiest pieces and brought them home. To keep the arrangement from looking too country, I used a tall and sleek modern glass vase to give it a more contemporary feel. I love how it turned out. It's tall enough to sit on the floor and provide a really natural feel to the space. Plus it always reminds me of my favourite place on earth! (Do make sure you're not removing something that shouldn't be! Fallen and dead branches, a few beach stones or sand and dried leaves are generally ok.)

I see lots of rustic arrangements at places like Pier 1, Potter Barn and Restoration Hardware. But why spend all that $$ when you can scour your own landscape for treasures? I smile everytime I walk by it now!

Do you decorate with natural elements friends? What is native to your area that makes a great display?


  1. i love the look of driftwood in the home- it is so beachy and calming!

  2. It works well with the rest of room. Nice.


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