03 June 2011

Sweet Style Steal: Delicate Discs Necklace

Happy Friday!

One of my fave things...finding an amazingly cheap look-alike of something I'm dying to buy. For a while, I've been coveting this pretty necklace from Stella and Dot. We had a jewellery party here at work and then a friend from Splurge showed up wearing it and looking fabulous. I love the delicate long strand and pretty, shimmery little discs. Sadly, I just could not justify the $100 price tag for a necklace, at least right now.

{image via Stella and Dot}

So imagine my delight when I found this oh-so-sweet knock-off from American Eagle Outfitters for only $19.95! It's very similar but has clusters of discs, instead of individual ones. I snapped it up with big plans to wear it tomorrow for my engagement pics!

The cherry on top? It's even cheaper when you order online! Something crazy like nine bucks!

Don't you love it when that happens? Have you found any sweet style steals lately friends?

By the way - how great is it that it's Friday!! Any big plans?


  1. I love Stella and Dot - their jewelry is just my style! However I do find hte prices steep for me so I'll continue to buy knockoff's, at least til I get a better job lol

  2. Nice find! I have to say that I recently saw a catalogue for Stella & Dot and was surprised at the prices. They do have beautiful things though.

  3. The cost of silver has sky rocketed in the past months/year so I find the Stella and Dot prices quite reasonable. I do understand being on a budget though.
    P.S. hope you had fun with your engagement photo shoot. I'm looking forward to the blog post :D


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