15 June 2011

Showered with Love

My shower on Sunday was so beautiful, it's hard to put it into words. My sister and matron of honour Lindsay put on a spectacular event with the help of my mom, aunt who let us into her home and other family members. Lindsay put so much work into incorporating my wedding themes into the decor and the gift theme was 'your favourite things'. The guests were told to look around their home and figure out what they couldn't live without or their favourite place to eat or shop and share that with me. Isn't that a great idea? Now I have all these gifts and each one has a little story that ties to the special women in my life. I'm overwhelmed with love so I'll let the pictures tell you more...

The guests filled out these adorable postcards with love advice for J and I!

Lindsay scoured Martha Stewart's blog for DIY inspiration and made these fluffy paper flowers, which filled the space.

My mom made signature lemonade pink martinis, something we had shared at 'Most Beautiful Women in Winnipeg' gala several years ago for a magazine profile I wrote.

My aunts and cousins made delicious desserts that were worth every splurge...

It wouldn't be a shower without some girly games and I loved the toilet paper bridal fashions they came up with! Definitely runway worthy...

A little shout out to my adorable niece Hailey - who looked gorgeous!

And my Fusion girls, who showed up looking hotter than the Sex & the City gals, aren't they so stylish? Yup, that's why I have an Agency Style Peek!

Here's my with my grandma Joyce and my auntie Heather in the most fabulous colours...

I cherished the thought that went into each gift, so thoughtful and such a sharing of loved things.

Like this beautiful vase from Canadian ceramics artist Dalhaus I featured on my blog only a few months ago (thank you Jenny!).

This charming necklace engraved with J+L and screen printed tea towels from my new Splurge girlfriends, who are fasting finding a special place in my friendship heart (thank you Shannon, Shauna, Anna and Sara!).

This basket of goodies from Starbucks, David's Tea, Tiber River Naturals and our favourite local restaurant from my work girls (thank you Anja, Lorraine, Flo, Theresa and Larissa!).

And these lovely handmade mugs from my cousin Monique, who received the same ones for her wedding several years ago (thanks for passing on the tradition!). We've used them for morning coffee every day since...

And so many more, so thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who were there. It was an extra special day I'll never forget. I think this picture sums up how joyful I felt...

I am missing some good pictures with my mom and sister, so sad I missed them on this camera. But I know they were taken so I will be hunting down guests with cameras to get me copies!

Thanks to you friends for letting me share my special day with all of you as well - all of your sweet comments leading up the day were just another layer of wonderful. Hugs!!


  1. So pretty! Looks like you had a great shower and I love all of your gifts! :)Alyssa

  2. this shower looks magical! the desserts look amazing, and the decor and presents are so cute! I'm sure it was an amazing day, congrats :)

    <3 Alison

  3. it looks like an absoulutely beautiful party with tons of thought put into it!! Cograts :)

  4. I think the sign out front is my favorite. Or maybe the desserts. Or yourbeaming face :) Wonderful pics...

  5. What a beautiful shower! Love those poms!


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