13 June 2011

Road Trippin'

Saturday's solo road trip to Grand Forks, North Dakota was glorious. I can't even begin to explain my love affair with road trips of any kind. I live for driving, it makes me feel complete freedom! I ditch the watch, crank up the radio, belt out songs off-key, drink lots of coffee and take it all in. When I was single and worked for WestJet, I would often take off solo to Vancouver, rent a car and road trip it to Seattle for a few days. Now, I'd rather hang out with my J but a little taste of that 'me time' was just what I needed!

The whole purpose of the trip was to pick up these....J's and his best man's special turquoise Converse All-Stars for the wedding! I couldn't get them shipped to Canada but I could pick them up at a Sears in the US so I figured, why not tie in a little shopping?

For those of you who don't know, I live in Winnipeg. It's about an hour north of the US border so a trip Grand Forks is just over two hours. Grand Forks was lovely but not really a shopping mecca - unless you happen to LOVE discount department stores like Target, Kohls, TJ Maxx and JC Penney to name a few...let's just say I just about exploded in Target from all the cheap awesomeness! From the clothes to the accessories to the shoes to the make-up...because it's all new right? It's not the same things I see in the local shops every time I go.

In order to avoid overspending, I made a rule that I had to absolutely LOVE what I was buying (or it had to be dirt cheap and I liked it a lot - ha ha!). So I only picked up a few things, but they're goodies! Plus I found the absolute perfect hat for J to wear to the wedding - I took a chance buying it but would you believe I got it for only $7.99?? He loves it, so my instincts were right! Here's my dapper man...

I also found these adorable cream peep toe flats from Target...

I know, I know, I already bought wedding shoes. But they're paper thin and would never hold up to a night of dancing, plus the peep toes give them a little extra elegance - don't you think?

Some pretty nail polish from Essie in the softest of pastels...

A daintly floral print top from Kohl's (I love finding pretty T-shirts to wear in the summer!)...

A fabulous light and airy summer dress from Target in shades of blue watercolour prints and a super cute lightweight top from TJ Maxx - that I'll share in my next Style Peek!

Do you have great shopping where you are or do you have to travel to score on style?

ps: My shower yesterday was so lovely and I'm going through all my photos to prepare some posts to share all the details with you!!


  1. Love this look...totally works for you Lenore!!!

  2. I CAN'T wait to see pictures of everything after it comes together. It will be so beautiful!

  3. Ah, your finds are perfect! Don't you love that Target partnered with Essie to bring us delicious nail polish colors??? :) Do you not have Target in Winnipeg??? That's a strange concept for me....lol!!!

  4. p.s. I love the lighting of your pics!


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