17 June 2011

Style Peek: Cabin Fever

Happy Friday friends! J and I took the afternoon off and we're packing up to head out to the cabin with Gus. Can you say awesome? So here's a peek at what I REALLY look like for my weekends of relaxation - granted it's not the chicest of looks but I feel good in it. For my lake weekends, my packing list includes:
  • Comfy clothes like loose T's, soft shorts, oversized sweatshirts, flip flops and no blow-dryer
  • A stack of new magazines, from fashion and style to trashy celebrity reads
  • My latest novel - I'm currently reading 'Nantucket Nights' by Elin Hilderbrand - juicy!
  • A mix of healthy eating (salads, fruit for smoothies, eggs and whole grain bread) balanced with some indulgent treats (steaks for the bbq, baked chips and Malibu for my Crystal Light!)

Slouchy Taupe Sweatshirt - American Eagle Outfitters
White T-shirt - American Eagle Outfitters
Cuffed Jean Shorts - Gap
Flip Flops - Joe Fresh

Hope you have a lovely weekend friends? What are you up to? Looking forward to talking to you next week!


  1. did i see you write malibu?!?!
    ha ha ha!
    we love malibu here in our house.
    both me and hubby.
    we just had drinks tonight with malibu...
    we mixed arnold palmer (iced tea/lemonade combo) with malibu.
    it's yummy!
    malibu is a staple in our house. ;)
    your comfy clothes look great... and cozy.
    have a great time at the lake.

  2. Year round I crave cabin wear like this.


  3. Oh..."cabining" it up is always the best!!!

  4. Why yes Stephanie - that is in fact Malibu...glad to find a kindred spirit and thanks for the drink idea!

    Miss Shauna - I love it too :)



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