21 June 2011

Hazy Tips

Confession time - I'm on a huge nail polish kick. I think I'm making up for lost time, as I was never really into it growing up. Which is funny since I've always been a make-up junkie. But as a chronic cuticle chewer (how gross is that...tmi??), the nail area was always a taboo no-man's land I tried to avoid. But I'm having a blast playing around with new colours and it's a tiny little thing that makes me feel super girly - which I love!

ps: I recently found the absolute perfect colour for my wedding toes...will reveal more about that shortly!

For now, I'm obsessed with Essie's pretty pale lilac-y grey colour Master Plan. Although we do get some Essie shades here in Canada - it's not nearly the selection I found in Target in Grand Forks so of course I went a little crazy. Right after I painted my nails i was drinking a blueberry banana smoothie and low and behold - they were almost the exact same colour so I couldn't help but snap a pic!

I love how it's neutral enough to pair with almost any colour of clothing but the soft violet undertone keeps it from looking too washed out. It's extra pretty on the toes with deep brown leather sandals...or on the fingers with a vivid coral top. It's definitely my new everyday colour...

My top tips for painting pretty nails:
  • Never paint the cuticles, stay on the nail even if it means you don't cover the edges...it looks cleaner and grows out more gracefully!
  • Paint two super thin coats instead of one thick one (hey! it's just like furniture!)
  • If at first you don't like...try, try again! Have fun with colour - after all, it's not permanent. My rule is bold on toes, neutral on hands...but even I'm veering into bright new territory!
  • Soak cotton balls in polish remover for the easiest removal and remember to wash your hands with soap or the next coat won't adhere well.
Are you a nail polish gal? What colour are you craving these days (I'm always looking for new ideas!)?


  1. I actually hate how nail polish feels on my fingernails...like claustrophobic or something. However, I do love a good pedicure in a beautiful summery shade :D

  2. What a beautiful color!


  3. This is funny because I have almost the same colour on my nails right now! I think mine's Revlon and it's called "Stormy" or something, a bit darker than yours, but I love it anyway. To be honest when my mom gave it to me I wasn't sure I liked the colour but it's really grown on me. It's just dark enough to give some edge, but still neutral

  4. Even weirder, I'm all the way in South Korea and I've also got grey nails at the moment and it's definitely my latest obsession! I have never seen grey nail polish before but grey has always been one of my favourite "colours".

    I too never wore much nail polish as a youngster, it was mostly black, beige or other neutral colours. This was mostly because in South Africa (where I'm from originally) nail polish is very expensive!

    When I arrived in Korea last year, I went on a rampage buying millions of colours. It's so cheap here in comparison. On my first day of work, I had bright orange nails and I got such a great response from them that it just became kind of my thing. Nail art is all the rage here in Korea, and I have embraced it completely!
    Check out my crazy keratin http://lalifufu.blogspot.com/2011/05/more-colourful-kretin.html

    Colourful nails can be fun sometimes - you should try it! ^^,


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