23 June 2011

Style Peek: Tiger Stripes

More orange you say? Yes, it's my colour of the season...somehow a few pieces here and there creeped into my wardrobe and now it feels like it's EVERYWHERE! Good thing I love it. 

More wonky Winnipeg weather keeps messing with me. I start the day chilled and by the end I want to strip down in my car it's so hot. I really hope this keeps up because one of my best friends is visiting from Calgary this weekend and I was really hoping for a Gimli beach day! Send the sun good vibes my friends...

Oh yeah, back to the weather. So this means layer, layer - as I did today with a loose striped v-neck t (don't you love stripes - I LOVE stripes!), a thin oversized coral cardigan, boyfriend jeans and some rugged leather sandals. These sandals I bought on a whim many years ago in a 'comfy shoe store' and I was a wee bit embarrassed at the time, but they fit right into the embellished sandal trend so all in all - a good purchase in the end. Since I've started taking my pics in the morning, you will sometimes be subject to my wet hair...

Coral cardigan - Gap
Striped T - Old Navy
Boyfriend jeans - Gap
Sandals - Hush Puppies
Necklace - Etsy

What colour stands out in your closed as your 'go to' colour friends?

Hope you have the most wonderful day! If you're new to the blog I'd love it if you said hello...


  1. I really love that necklace! I'm a sucker for that kind of clasp, and I'm also cookoo for stripes right now.

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  3. I'm a huge fan of this outfit! Esp the necklace and shoes! :)

  4. I love those sandals! They look really comfy and like they go with everything! I love orange too, actually I love bright colours in general. I try to wear a bright colour every day if I can - it just makes you and everyone around you more happy I think

  5. Thanks ladies! Bright colours do make me happy and yes - these sandals are as comfy as they look.

    And welcome to you Meghan!!



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