30 June 2011

Style Peek: Be Cool

Our scorching weather continues! Today was +33 and it felt like an oven outside - pretty awesome! But definitely a challenge to stay cute without looking like a drowned rat. This mean hair OFF THE FACE. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. This is a non-negotiable for me in this weather. Bare arms, legs and toes help too! We have wicked wonderful air conditioning at work so the cardi is a must for layering. But once I stepped outside...that baby was off!! 

Of course I am forever grateful to Fusion for having such a flexible dress code that I can wear this to the office.

Navy flip flops - Joe Fresh

I tried out a new hairstyle that I found on Cupcakes and Cashmere. You braid both sides of your hair like you're doing two french braids but stop midway and tie them. Then gather all the hair into a low bun. I'm liking the extra texture it gives around the face.

What do you wear to beat the heat friends? I'm thinking of all of you down in Florida and the rest of the southern US...I feel for ya in this heat!

Have the most amazing long weekend and talk to you soon!


  1. Cuute outfit. I love the way you did your hair, too! When it's suuuper hot, I live by the pool and/or wear little dresses. :)

  2. love this outfit, and your hair and earrings are both so cool!

  3. totally envious that you have sun and heat~over on the wet coast we still have gray skies and sprinkles. and it's cold! lucky you to be able to dress so comfy and casual at work! cute too!

  4. stay cute without looking like a drowned rat <- lol I know what you mean. You look real comfortable. :)

  5. Love the look, love the hair, love the top, love the earrings, love it all. See you Monday to catch up!

  6. I love the birds earrings! Cool outfits
    ;) Fede

  7. your hair is soooo cute! and the outfit!


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