24 June 2011

Style Peek: Friday Florals

Yay! It's Friday, it's hot and sunny here and I'm picking up one of my besties at the airport tonight. Danielle is visiting for the weekend from Calgary and I can't wait to go to the Farmer's Market, have drinks on the patio, drive to the beach and just hang out and share secrets. I was so sad to move away from my girlfriends in Calgary but like any good friendship, if it's really true distance doesn't matter.

Today I'm wearing my absolute favourite all-time dress. I got it many years ago from Anthropologie after falling in love with the sunny print, the crinkly material and the pockets! Plus the elastic empire waist is super forgiving so it seems to fit no matter what. It's seen weddings and workdays, showers and dinners. 

Plus you didn't think I'd finish the week off with yet another bright orange outfit, did you? As usual, I toned it down with a navy cardi and flip flops. There's something about orangey red and navy that feels so preppy fresh to me...

Tell me friends, what's your absolute favourite piece of clothing?

Floral dress - Anthropologie
Navy cardigan - Gap
Navy Flip Flops - Joe Fresh
Necklace - Etsy

I've also been experimenting with liquid eyeliner. I love the look but I'm a bit of a rookie. I tried the liquid brush and failed miserably, luckily a twitter friend recommended the felt tip and I'm loving it! So much easier. Have you tried liquid liner or is that just way too much to ask??

Have the most glorious weekend, I can't wait to share mine and read all about yours!


  1. Love the liquid liner! This has inspired me to try it again for girls' night tomorrow. Lookin' good!!

  2. I love liquid liner, such a retro look.

  3. Joe Fresh makes a felt tip line. It is so easy to use and it is budget friendly. I know you like Joe!

  4. Pretty dress and blog...i really like the header even though thats kind of odd



  5. I LOVE liquid eyeliner...I had a hard time at first but now I'm a pro. I use Maybelline Eye Studio with the eyeliner brush it comes with. Easier to use than even the felt tip liners! Cute dress too! :)

  6. Hey Emma! Hope you had a great girls night...it's such a fun look.

    Miss Thin Lizzy - Yes! I know about Joe Fresh's liquid liner. I bought the brown and it's waaaaay too light so that's a bummer. But I might try a darker colour.

    Tracey - I love to use the brush and creme liner too, I was just looking for a new makeup challenge to take on. It was always be my 'go to' look!


  7. Your dress is really pretty!! Also, love your necklace


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