12 June 2011

Style Peek: Shower Dressing

Oh what a day! I'm off to my shower and I couldn't be more excited/nervous/thrilled/overwhelmed...but I wanted to share my look with you before I left (blogging calms my nerves!).

You'll probably recognize most of this outfit. I really wanted to wear my engagement dress again so I paired it my new embellished cardigan and the sweetest shoes I found yesterday at Target in Grand Forks for only $19.99! I've actually decided to wear these shoes for the wedding as well, I just think the peep toe adds that extra something elegant and they have more support than the paper thin satin flats I had already purchased. Now to get rid of them on Ebay!

Dress - Made locally by seamstress

Have an extraordinarily amazing day friends! What are you doing this lovely Sunday?


  1. you're adorable. hope you have an AMAZING day with your family and friends at your shower! so much happy!!

  2. I love the dress paired with cream :) Have a wonderful day...

  3. that dress is perfect on you! and those shoes are adorable!!! i need to get to target! :)
    enjoy your shower!!!

  4. LOVE it Lenore! You look fab!

    Guess what?! I just selected you for the Versatile Bloggers Award. Check out my post for details!!!


  5. What an adorable dress. I give anything to have that cardigan, such detail. Thanks for stopping by my way.

  6. This dress is just lovely! The color and the print are such a beautiful contrast to that ever so beautiful sweater. Hope the shower went well! xx


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