01 June 2011

Dapper Men

Thank you muchly for all your amazing comments and votes about my engagement outfit styling. It's obvious you love the navy green combo and so that's how I'm leaning. But I did have to tell J that the shirt he had picked out no longer matched (oops), after which he kindly responded 'Why don't you just go into my closet and pick out what you want me to wear?' (oops again).

Which brings me to today's post...my J likes to start lively little debates with me just for fun (he's a bit of a stubborn one). So when I told him my wedding dress had pockets, he told me that he would be wearing a hat. A case of casual for casual. Well, considering his fave hat is a sweaty, crushed up fishing hat, this put me into slight panic mode.

We've been needling each other about this little issue for months, until today. When I saw this oh-so-handsome man on the Ruffled blog....

 {images via Ruffled} 

Dapper, non? I texted the pics to J and he loved the look! I loved the look! Yay we agree! Two stubborn halves make one solid whole! So now we're on the hunt for the perfect gentleman's topper.

What are your thoughts on wedding dressing for men? Did your guy have any outfit non-negotiables?


  1. That hat is totally cool- I bet you could find a lovely vintage hat-

  2. Love it!


  3. love that look! we're going for a more casual wedding look and the guys will all be wearing grey suits. my fiance's one request? a plaid tie. haha, i have to admit though, i kind of love it and the fact that he will stand out from his groomsmen in a totally true to himself kind of way ;)

  4. The hat is such an awesome look! Glad you guys agreed on it! When we got married, he picked out a sharp khaki suit and I thought it was the coolest thing! We sometimes argue about fashion, but I was pleased as punch that we both agreed on his wedding suit.

  5. My BIL wore a kilt. He rocked it! To each couple their own....that's what makes it your special day together.

    Love the fedora.

  6. that really is an awesome look!! and i agree on the green cardigan :)

  7. Maybe The Haberdashery in the Exchange would be a good place to look?

  8. I agree with anonymous.... my very dear friend Luke Nolan owns The Haberdashery and he will likely have something perfect! GO SEE LUKE and tell him Karla Penner sent you!

  9. Thanks Karla - we'll have to do that!!



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