05 June 2011

Engagement Photos Sneak Peek

Ah! Out amazing photographer Leah Bima sent over a few sneak peek pics from our engagement session yesterday to share with you on the blog.

What a day! The weather was NOT cooperating with us for the first couple of hours - it kept alternating between wicked winds, spitting rain and moments of calm. We tried to jump in on those whenever we could. Let's just say my diva-like concern over my hair had to be 'let go', hence the wind-swept looks!

Also, we had a little wardrobe malfunction with J's shirt from the cleaners so I had to switch out the green cardi. Sorry to disappoint! Leah was also great at making poor J feel comfortable - let's just say he equates getting his picture taken to having his teeth pulled. But he was a trooper knowing how important capturing this special time was to me!

For our pics, we really wanted a super candid and casual, not-so pose-y vibe in one of our favourite places on earth (spectacular beach town Gimli). The gorgeous scenery was equally as important to us as our own selves (and Gus!) in the pics. The sun finally showed it's face later in the shoot and we tried to take in as much as we could. I can't can't wait to see the rest of the shoot - enjoy friends!

{all images via Leah Bima Photography}

Have a lovely rest of your weekend friends!


  1. Oh wardrobe malfunctions...well, turns out the brown cardigan looks just as cute as the green one. And actually, in that top picture, I think it was a better choice - that way the emphasis is really on your faces and not your clothes. Great photos!

    Incidentally, we had family pics yesterday with Melanie Kapilik, who we booked after seeing your recommendation. The weather was definitely dodgy, but the light was great - I can tell it was great, in Gimli, too!

  2. cute! While I liked the green cardi I agree that the brown one compliments your colouring and makes you the star.


  3. those are sooo cute! i love the one with your backs to us, and the dog sandwiched between you with his little butt peaking out.

  4. Cute!

    I really like the second one!


  5. Perfect, just perfect. xoNat

  6. Fab pictures Lenore! They are all so fresh & fun and so different from the studio engagement photos of years past! They are all truly wonderful! Angie xo

  7. These turned out soooo good Lenore. I love the "Frames" picture. Adorable!

  8. You look beautiful!! These are such sweet pix of you two love birds!! :)

  9. Oh so cute Lenore, I love the goofy one with the frames!

    xx Karen

  10. You're beautiful, Lenore....and these pics are wonderful!

  11. you guys are TOO cute- You look beautiful in that first photo and I love the silly faces in the frames- can't wait to see more!!


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