30 January 2012

Meet Henry

Henry's first photo shoot

 We have a very special new addition to the family - an 11-week old schnoodle (schnauzer-poodle mix) named Henry! We picked him up on Friday and it's been delicious chaos ever since. I forgot how much work a puppy can be, so it's been constant care and attention - plus outdoor potty training and middle of the night whining ever since!

We really wanted a buddy for our dog Gus, who has some anxiety issues. He's starting to adjust as of today, but definitely went through a jealous phase on Saturday and Sunday! He's used to being an only pooch :)

It was also my bday yesterday so there were all kinds of wonderful things going on - dinner out with my hubby and a family birthday party. So great! I'm happily exhausted today and back to work...but I can't wait to rush home and see my little Henry!

 My two boys together, Henry and Gus

 Sweetie pie!

How was your weekend friends?

24 January 2012

Style Peek: sweater coat + white t + skinny jeans

Hey everyone! I'm back after being down and out with an awful sinus cold. I missed a ton of work and was stuck in bed for 5 days. Yikes. So glad it's getting out of my system! You kind of forget how yucky it is to be sick until you actuall are....hope you're all staying strong and healthy this January!

So, truth and honesty time - I gain weight very quickly and after a very indulgent holiday, I'm feeling it. Both in my clothes and in my self-confidence. A terrible side effect of this is bad purchasing decisions - meant to help me feel better about myself. Do you ever do that? Ugh. Why do we torture ourselves?? So I'm putting it out there to help get myself back on the wagon. This is an Anthro sweater coat I found on super sale while on my December trip to Calgary. I love it, even though sometimes I feel like it's flattering on me and sometimes I know it's not :) It's so cozy to cuddle in. My sweater security blanket - so to speak!

multi-coloured sweater coat - Anthropologie
tall black boots - Steve Madden (shop here)

Have a lovely week everyone! Are you feeling the January pinch like me? How do you get back on track?

16 January 2012

Style Peek: striped t + black cardi + skinny jeans

How was your weekend? Besides being busy with dinners (Splurge on Friday and family on Saturday), Jack was sick sick sick! I keep feeling like I'm getting it but never do, so we just kept it pretty low key for the rest of the time. I recently added a third yoga class to my weekly schedule, on Sunday afternoons, and it's been a great way to finish off the weekend and keep my back feeling strong!

This casual striped T was another holiday sale purchase from the Gap, only 6 bucks! Striped T's have really become my favourite kind of basic T. With a simple cardi, skinny jeans and a cute piece of jewelly - they really can go from weekend to office. We've settled into a bit of a deep freeze here in Winnipeg so layers are a huge must!

striped T - Gap (shop)
black cardigan - Gap (shop similar)
black leather flats - Aldo (shop similar)

How was your weekend? Hope it was fun!

13 January 2012

Style Peek: red puppy blouse + white cardi + skinny jeans

Happy Friday! I'm sure excited to cap off the week. Tonight I'm hosting my Splurge group (dinner for 11 - eeek!) which is always a giant fabulous blast of girl talk. Because I bought so much food...I invited my mom and sis's family over for dinner tomorrow. So this weekend, you will find me firmly planted in the kitchen! How about you?

This top makes me swoon. When I saw it at Old Navy, I just had to have it. I'm a real sucker for the red and white combo with denim (makes me feel springy and fresh!) plus it has pups all over it!!! Sometimes you just gotta wear your puppy love on your sleeve.

The back is the cutest part...

red blouse - Old Navy
white cardigan - Gap (shop similar)
black leather flats - Aldo (shop similar)

Have I shared my love of American Eagle jeans yet? I have a TOUGH time finding jeans I love. With an apple body shape and long legs - it ain't easy :( Lately, I discovered AE and I am LOVING them! Forget the store (unless you're wee...). If you order online, you can get them in up to size 18 and three inseams (short, reg and long). Some sizes even come in extra long! I'm a 16 long and they fit perfectly, with a good rise and soft, comfy denim. Plus they are cheap! Usually between $25-40 a pair. I watch for sales and free shipping promos (they are frequent), then order a few pairs at a time. I love the Boyfriend for more relaxed bootcut and the Skinny (as seen here!). What's your fave brand of jeans?

Have an amazing weekend friends!

12 January 2012

Style Peek: blush sweater + white tunic+ charcoal leggings

Remember me? I'm back from a lovely blogging break...I've been missing being part of the community - even though I still read all your blogs daily! I think I just hit a little bit of the blahs and also took full advantage of the holidays! They were quite nice, how about yours? In order to accommodate the lazy days and big meals, I took on a sewing project and made this a-line white cotton tunic...to wear with leggings and oversized sweaters. Soooooo comfy! It's not a waist-cinching outfit, but sometimes you just gotta be comfy, right? I feel like a necklace always makes it more dressy - ha ha!

I picked up this blush pink sweater at Gap for under 20 bucks over the holidays - their deals have been pretty ridiculous lately. I'm kind of loving leggings too...but I made sure to make my tunic cover my bum - that's the cardinal rule ladies. Now that I'm back to work it's back to less slouchy outfits but I thought I would share my casual dressing for fun. What's your go-to comfy outfit?

blush sweater - Gap (shop similar)
white cotton tunic - handmade by me!
charcoal leggings - HUE
wood necklace - bought years ago in Calgary
black leather flats - Aldo (shop similar)

Things have also been busy with our bathroom reno, we booked our honeymoon to the Florida Keys in May (loved it so much last time we just had to go again!) and I found out my sister is having a boy! January has showed no signs of slowing down so far!

Have an amazing day friends!