24 January 2012

Style Peek: sweater coat + white t + skinny jeans

Hey everyone! I'm back after being down and out with an awful sinus cold. I missed a ton of work and was stuck in bed for 5 days. Yikes. So glad it's getting out of my system! You kind of forget how yucky it is to be sick until you actuall are....hope you're all staying strong and healthy this January!

So, truth and honesty time - I gain weight very quickly and after a very indulgent holiday, I'm feeling it. Both in my clothes and in my self-confidence. A terrible side effect of this is bad purchasing decisions - meant to help me feel better about myself. Do you ever do that? Ugh. Why do we torture ourselves?? So I'm putting it out there to help get myself back on the wagon. This is an Anthro sweater coat I found on super sale while on my December trip to Calgary. I love it, even though sometimes I feel like it's flattering on me and sometimes I know it's not :) It's so cozy to cuddle in. My sweater security blanket - so to speak!

multi-coloured sweater coat - Anthropologie
tall black boots - Steve Madden (shop here)

Have a lovely week everyone! Are you feeling the January pinch like me? How do you get back on track?


  1. I love it, and think it looks awesome on you! Glad you're feeling better. We were hit by a terrible sinus cold in November, it was just awful!

  2. man- I hope you feel better!
    I have a favorite Anthro sweater that I'm wearing a lot these days too

  3. Oh, Lenore... I have been fighting the same Sinus Cold From Hell. And feeling the exact same way about myself post-holiday. And wearing my comfiest gigantic hoodie around the house like I weigh 300 pounds instead of what I *actually* weigh - which, although higher than I'm comfortable with, I know is not anything to be hiding myself in shame over.

    I've always had a hard time loving myself EXACTLY AS I AM RIGHT NOW, and you help me do better with that. Thank you for being you, and for being honest.

    As for me, I hired a trainer to help me figure out how to get started with a healthier post-holiday lifestyle. We're starting with BABY STEPS - but they're baby steps in the right direction :)

  4. I love that coat, so unique!

  5. I love that sweater - and I think it creates a nice, long lean line! Of course, now I'm looking for yarn and patterns to make one for myself. I focus my bad purchase decisions on yarn, so when I regret them, I can just rip it apart and make something new!

  6. I think the sweater is terrific on you! And I'm liking your new bangs. At least... I think they're new! I may just have revealed how long it's been since I last dropped by ;-)

  7. I'm glad you are feeling better!

    I think he sweater looks great on you, and it looks very cozy so it's a win-win ;)

  8. I think you look great and you can't be feeling too bad if you are still wearing skinnies! How do the AE jeans fit? I was thinking of buying a pair after I saw them on you!

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  10. I'm definitely feeling the post holiday spending blues! It's the weird part of the season where winter sales are in the stores and new spring arrivals are tempting me. This sweater looks fabulous on you. I love the texture and the colours. It's absolutely perfect1


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