13 January 2012

Style Peek: red puppy blouse + white cardi + skinny jeans

Happy Friday! I'm sure excited to cap off the week. Tonight I'm hosting my Splurge group (dinner for 11 - eeek!) which is always a giant fabulous blast of girl talk. Because I bought so much food...I invited my mom and sis's family over for dinner tomorrow. So this weekend, you will find me firmly planted in the kitchen! How about you?

This top makes me swoon. When I saw it at Old Navy, I just had to have it. I'm a real sucker for the red and white combo with denim (makes me feel springy and fresh!) plus it has pups all over it!!! Sometimes you just gotta wear your puppy love on your sleeve.

The back is the cutest part...

red blouse - Old Navy
white cardigan - Gap (shop similar)
black leather flats - Aldo (shop similar)

Have I shared my love of American Eagle jeans yet? I have a TOUGH time finding jeans I love. With an apple body shape and long legs - it ain't easy :( Lately, I discovered AE and I am LOVING them! Forget the store (unless you're wee...). If you order online, you can get them in up to size 18 and three inseams (short, reg and long). Some sizes even come in extra long! I'm a 16 long and they fit perfectly, with a good rise and soft, comfy denim. Plus they are cheap! Usually between $25-40 a pair. I watch for sales and free shipping promos (they are frequent), then order a few pairs at a time. I love the Boyfriend for more relaxed bootcut and the Skinny (as seen here!). What's your fave brand of jeans?

Have an amazing weekend friends!


  1. Little puppy's? How cute!

    Have fun tonight!

  2. I would've never thought to show AE for jeans! I figured it was mostly teeny bopper stuff. Thanks for the tip!

  3. love the puppy print on your top! adorable!

  4. Ooh thanks for the AE tip! I don't know if I've ever bought jeans there before. I used to love their sweaters. I just haven't been in a long time. :) Have fun at splurge! I host my group next Friday!

  5. Those jeans look great, I might have to give them a try. I wear long pants to and generally have a hard time finding jeans that are no super expensive. Also, I love the puppy print!

  6. What? Old Navy? I thought for sure this top was from ModCloth!

  7. Love that colour on you Lenore! The shirt is soooo cute ;)


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