09 May 2011

Say hello to my new baby...

Good morning lovely people! How are you doing? It's grey and raining here and I wish I could cuddle up under my duvet and stay in bed! I know I haven't been blogging too regularly these days but there is just so much going on. Do know that I still pop into my RSS reader on my iphone every night and read through all your blog posts? I love hearing what you are all up to even if I don't have time to comment on everything!

So now that my wedding invites are complete (thanks for all your sweet comments!), I've decided to take on a new creative challenge. I know you're probably thinking - what about your Etsy store?? - and the truth is, that is still in the works (slowly but surely). But I was really just craving something new and so I got myself this beautiful (almost-new) Brother XL-3200 sewing machine off Kijiji for a steal! Check her out...

I know I've mentioned this before but my younger sister Lindsay is a sewing SUPERSTAR and I long to be able to do what she does. Plus now that I've had a taste of tailored clothing, I love the fit and would like to make myself a few things (hee hee, see how I turned my shopaholic ways into a creative weekend project?? J won't notice...).

Can I sew, you ask? Why yes I can. My mom had a sewing machine growing up so I dabbled with her plus I took Grade 9 home ec! I also went through one of my flights of fancy in my early 20's that involved sewing so I already owned this of course:

You know me, love to read the books! Regardless of how well this new endeavour goes, I'll enjoy the creative journey. I hope to post a few projects on here as I go, but nothing too regular. After all, there's only so many hours in a day right?

My very first project is to add straps to this lovely strapless summer dress I ordered from Shop Ruche. I knew I needed straps but I couldn't resist the pretty material and long flowing maxi style. I'll be sure to show it off when I'm done!

So what's your most recent creative obsession? Have you been longing to try something new? What's holding you back or propelling you forward?

Have a fantastic week friends!!

PS: I taught my very first Red River College workshop this weekend on 'Intro to Social Media' and my mind is still swirling from the experience and all the things I learned (yes learned - teachers learn too!). I'll share more but I'm still digesting it all and it will take it's own blog post to say it all! Plus I'm gearing up for this Saturday's follow up workshop 'Learn to Blog' - if you know anyone who might want to sign up, send them the link!


  1. well you are blogging way more regularly that I am and you have way more stuff going on than I do. I'm beginning to wonder how you fit it all in :)

    Congrats on your sewing machine purchase. While I envy those who can sew, I've never had the urge to do it myself. Have fun!

  2. Oh Lenore. You make us "regular" bloggers look bad. How do you do it? Blogging, wedding planning, working (2 jobs - your Etsy Shop and your "day" job, teaching...and now sewing!!! Phew. I'm exhausted just listing em' off.

    Hehe...you rock! Glad your first class went well. Those students are so lucky to have a talented lady such as yourself!

  3. I keep trying to teach myself to sew and it is not going well! lol I'm going to get my butt to a sewing class asap. I hope your straps are...strapping!

  4. Oh goodness amazing! You can sew??? I am in awe. I'm such a bad housewife. :( P.S. love your blog! :)

  5. Enjoy your "baby". (That threw me off for a minute there.) Happy sewing! It's such a useful thing to know how to do.

  6. I've been googling "adding straps to strapless maxi dress" and finally came across somebody who looks to be doing exactly what I'm wanting to do! The maxi dress I bought is similar to yours, with the shirred bust and I just don't know what kind of straps to do. Did you finish yours? It looks like you just did a simple strap in a coordinating color? Would LOVE any feedback you might have.

    Glad I stumbled across your blog, I love DIY'ers!


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