01 May 2011

Sunny Tips

Hey friends! For those of you who don't live in Winnipeg - let me tell you...we can sure have some wacky weather. All week it's been like summer. Then bam! Blizzard. We woke up to 4 inches of snow and it has continued to snow and blow all day long. Considering we had to drive out to Gimli and install a new stove for our rental tenant - it was not the bestest of days. But as I was wallowing in some seasonal affective disorder blues, I decided to do a little something to pull myself out of it.

Coral is the colour of the season and I'm not one to dive on the trends as soon as they show their face, but I love this colour. I've already picked up a bright coral cardigan and earlier in the week, I picked out a gorgeous vivid orangey-red shade of nail polish to go with the +20 temperatures we were having.

How can you not feel a little brighter every time you look down at these flirty tips?? They kind of even make my hand look a little tanned - ha ha! Perfect for fighting off the depressing white stuff.

The other bright side of this weekend is that the wedding invitations are completely ready for our little assembly party tomorrow night and the big plan is to mail them on Tuesday - yay! I cannot express enough how much of a weight this is off my shoulders. I still can't believe I took it on and although I'm very proud of the results - I'm fairly exhausted. My Red River College workshops are the next two weekends so it's going to continue to be busy, busy, busy!

Sorry the blog is the first thing to get neglected but I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Please keep cheering me on! Your support and encouraging comments mean the world to me, so thanks guys.

Hope you all had a FANTASTIC weekend and an AWESOME week ahead! By the way - are you loving the new coral this season or is it just way too much for you? How are you styling it?


  1. love love love that color! and I'm the same way... when it gets crazy... blogging goes right out the window! And rightly so i guess!

  2. I'm glad you picked up such a beautiful coral nail polish! It's little things like this that brighten up days, especially when we're stressed out.


  3. Oh you're right, the weather was just wonky over the weekend.

    But, love the nail polish. I've been looking for the perfect shade of orangey red nail polish. I think this one might just do the trick ;)

    Good luck with your presentation and time management of all the projects you've got going on. You're fab and don't forget it!!!

  4. i am def loving the coral! and yay for things coming together for the wedding!


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