03 May 2011

Before and After: Tiny Turquoise Weathered School Chair

Hey! It's Tuesday, my invites went in the mail today and I'm feeling light as a feather! What a weight off. I took lots of pics that I'll share with you tomorrow. For now, here's the final Lather reveal in the set of commissions I did recently. Local photographer Melanie picked out this teensy little toddler chair I had on hand to use in her wee one's photogaphy.

It's the perfect little size and super solid. So I painted it in a bright and vivid turquoise colour then roughed it up real good. It was coated with water-based poly for finishing.

Recognize the sock monkey? Yup, it's the same one I made for my nephew Wyatt, that my dog Gus promptly chewed into and ate his eye. Sigh.

Hope you're having a good week? Anything new and exciting to share?


  1. You have the shabby chic and vintage-y style :) Lovely.

  2. Very fun little chair and one of my favorite colors! I love your sock monkey!

  3. great chair- love how it turned out- sock monkey seems to like it too.

  4. so cute... i have two little chairs like that... i may have to copy! ; )

  5. This turned out soooo nicely ;) Great work Lenore!


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