19 May 2011

Lenore's First Style Peek and True Confessions

Hey! The post I made a few hours ago was a test - I was trying out my Picture Show app, which allows me to post pics and messages directly to Blogger! It worked great and now I can keep in touch while we're out at the lake.

*warning - this is a long post filled with 'feelings'...just saying!

Soooo, you're probably wondering why the graphic says Lenore's Style Peek instead of Agency Style Peek. Well, I'm added my own outfit posts into the mix. I'm still going share peeks into my agency, but I'm going to share a little more of myself and my personal style. This is for a couple of reasons:

1 - I love love fashion and shopping and styling (not couture fashion, but accessible well-priced fashion) and making the best of my own body shape, existing wardrobe and unique twists.

2 - I've always been in awe of the cool fashion bloggers and wanted to be a closer part of that community. Truth is, I've been too chicken. Too chicken to put myself out there. For a long time I didn't show many pictures of myself at all. I love my thrifting and furniture painting and DIY's, but there's more to me and I want my blog to reflect that. So I'm taking a risk and doing what my heart wants. Even if it scares me a little!

3 - I have a secret - I haven't been happy with my body lately, it's something I've always struggled with...but it's really escalated lately and I need to take back control. It's very hard to have a great life but feel self-hatred  every time you look in the mirror, especially when you love clothes and makeup and style.  So I'm doing something about it. I joined Weight Watchers a few weeks ago and I'm hoping to get back to a place of body satisfaction. By doing my style peeks, I feel like I have an incentive to feel acceptance and self-love by sharing what I have to offer as far as personal style. I'm putting my image out there in hopes of building my own sense of worth. Does that make sense at all?

I've been wanting to share my thoughts on this for a while. To be honest, it can be hard for me to share innermost feelings on this blog. Even though it's my personal creative space, I can hold myself back from being honest for fear of judgement. But I'm taking a leap and I plan to be a little more honest going forward, so I hope you'll stick with me!

I also got my new camera and tripod so I'm experimenting with my photos....here's my first ever outfit shots! Yup, just as awkward to take pics of yourself as the fashion bloggers say it can be!

Hoodie - Gap (similar)
Flats - Aldo (Buy)

Bag - Roots
Sunglasses - American Eagle Outfitters (Buy)

So enough about my confessions, on to my outfit! I picked up this dress for $27 at Faith 21, the plus size section of Forever 21. Plus size is a bit of a laugh though because they're actually like sizes 12, 14 and 16. But I'm glad to find such a great deal. 

My seamstress took in the bust a bit for a better fit and I love it (for only a few bucks even a cheap piece of clothing can look custom-made) - I call it my Jackson Pollack dress because it looks like it has paint splatters of every colour in the rainbow. 

That just means I can wear a million colours of cardigans with it...although to dress it down a bit, I went with a thin Gap Body hoodie in khaki green. My well worn cognac leather Roots purse and brown flats finish my look. It's been hot hot hot here this week, so it's been awesome to break out the dresses! A side note on purses, you'll only ever see me with a long strap purse, if I can't wear it over my body it's a no-go! Convenience rules in some cases...

Whew. Okay. Writing this blog post has been very cathartic. If you're still with me then thanks for listening and I hope you have an amazing long weekend...I know I will.

If you feel like sharing any of your insecurities in the comments, I would feel like we were kindred spirits!


  1. you are very sweet!
    it can be hard to let out the real honest stuff on a blog.
    especially if you know your real life people are reading.
    good for you though!
    keep it up!
    that's the thing i love about some of my favorite bloggers.
    the honesty!
    you look super cute in that outfit and look forward to seeing more.
    i love to experiment with fashion too...
    especially on a budget.
    b/c, let's face it, that's real life, right?
    keep at it lenore! :)

  2. Lovely post Lenore. So glad you're putting yourself out there and sharing another passion of yours. I'll be with you all the way ;)

    ps. you look so fab in those photos! And love the flats...oh they're just so cute ;)

  3. Good on you, Lenore!

    Now, my insecurities...I am truly as comfortable in my own skin right now, at 39 yrs and 10 mths (ouch!) than I ever have been. I guess for some of us, confidence comes with age...I don't tend to worry any more about what people think of me, which I am quite pleased about (not saying I don't have my moments, but yeah). I think for me, having kids put my life into perspective and it hasn't been about me now for 7 years and probably never will be again!

    But I am still not going to stick photos of myself and comment on what I am wearing on my blog..that is just not me...but good on you for doing it if it is something that you love :)

  4. I'm struggling with some weight gain after years of weight loss, and it's tough. What's even tougher is when stores call size 12, 14 and 16 plus sizes when they aren't usually - that's always something to get your mind around.

    Good for you for sharing your true feelings and good luck achieving your goals!

  5. i can also appreciate your honesty lenore. i personally think you are beautiful, inside and out. i have thought so since day one... your true spirit comes across in your posts. body image is a hard thing, especially when getting ready for a wedding where you want to look your best. but the thing to remember is you are marrying the love of your life, and he will only have eyes for you, and you are going to take his breath away, whether you are a sz 4 or a sz 14.

  6. Great post, I look forward to more! I think I totally just bought those shoes! Mine are a pinky taupe and they have a tiny bit of a heal but the tops look soooo similar. You look great! So put together and most important comfortable! I have been venturing out of my comfort zone this year with some dresses, I am usually not a dress or skirt girl but the more I try the more I like.

  7. Yeah! The world didn't end and I just awarded you the versatile blogger award, it's a twofer check it out at http://decor-voyeur.blogspot.com


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