25 May 2011

Saving Pretty Pennies

I love to play with make-up. But I'm not very adventurous on a day-to-day basis, so I hate to pay too much for a colour I may not love and wear daily.

Blush is my absolute must-have 'desert island' make-up item and I adore my Benetint.  But it's not so budget-friendly and I've been feeling the itch of wanting to try the new cheek tint/cream blush trend. I love the look of doll-like pink cheeks and coral lips for spring and summer - so fresh. So rather than invest with MAC or another of my fave higher-end brands, I did a little Superstore make-up shopping at Joe Fresh. They always lure me in with their cute, cheap clothes (grocery shopping is a lot more fun with them around!), but did you know they have a make-up line too?  Here's me playing around with my fresh new finds...

Sorry for those of you in the States, Joe Fresh is a Canadian treasure only. But I've heard amazing things about the thrifty Sonia Kashuk line from Target.

I've mentioned my love of the new coral trend, remember my nails? Well once I dipped my finger into this bright and cheerful trend, I wanted to hunt out some looks for my make-up. I picked out these juicy cheek tints and gorgeous sheer gloss for super budget prices.

I like to layer the pink cheek tint with a pop of the melon cream blush over top and the gloss has just the right amount of colour and shine. It doesn't last long, but that's pretty expected with gloss. For under twenty bucks, I'm pretty pleased with these and the pretty feminine look they create...they've definitely become part of my everyday routine!

Now that I've had so much success, I think I'm going to try some of the other products like eye shadow, concealer and mascara.  

Tell me friends - have you tried Joe Fresh make-up? What are your thoughts? Any cheap make-up faves to share with the class??


  1. i haven't tried it, but i love to use burt's bees tinted lip balm, and i love maybeline mascara. i just purchased physician's formula under eye concealer and that is a new fave. trust me, lenore, after you have kids your must have will not be blush anymore (that is my second now).. it will be the concealer to hide the dark circles!!!!

  2. So jealous of Joe Fresh--it sounds so cool. I love the NYC line of cosmetics; their nail polishes are super cheap and they've got a really great selection of eyeshadows. Also a fan of ELF! I haven't used Benetint in years but maybe I should get back on it, I remember LOVING that stuff.

  3. I use Maybelline cream blush in Peach Satin.It's around 5$ and awesome!! They discontinued it for awhile, but it came back and snapped up about 4 pots!

  4. never heard of Joe Fresh but will check it out when I'm in Tdot this summer.

  5. YAY for Joe Fresh! I love that store - can't go in there bc I spend lots of money every time lol

  6. I'm your #205 fan!
    Your blog banner is neat! I just had to tell you that. lol

    Ciao Bella!


  7. I'm not sure if we have Joe's here? Is that related to Trader Joe's? :) I'm showing my ignorance......but there is a brand that I love to get fun things from and it is called e.l.f. {eyes,lips,face} it is sold in limited pieces at Target, but also a huge online store as well.,.....very cheap!

    have a great day!


  8. i haven't, but i'm intrigued!

  9. I've often stared at it while in the cosmetics department. I love the fresh packaging!

  10. I've tried a bunch of their nail polishes. Such fun colours, it's impossible to resist snapping up a few at a time.


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