30 May 2011

Before and After: Milky Grey Tea Time Tray

Okay, it's officially been forever since I've shown you any before and afters (okay not forever but you know what I mean)...and this is a teeny one to boot! But what can I say - you truly can't do it all! Every time I take something new on, something else has to give.  I have all these guilts - like 'didn't I tell them I was opening an Etsy shop?', or 'when was the last time I finished a Lather Creation??' But I'm focused on getting healthy, planning a wedding, keeping up with my blog and enjoying my summer. I'll just have to forgive myself for what doesn't come quickly. Are you able to forgive yourself for not doing it all? Jealous.

Enough with the deep thoughts, remember when I showed you my Grade 9 shop class wooden tray? Well my lovely mama kept it all these years and uses it daily for her pots of tea. Here's my dated 1991 version of the tray...

And here's the refreshed 2011 version!

I started by painting it with a paint/primer combo - Aura by Benjamin Moore in a soft dove grey mistint. Then using a ruler and a pencil, I measured the section where I wanted my words. I roughly marked out guides to stay within and drew the outline for the letters. Then using a tiny art paintbrush, I filled in the letters from a tester size of Martha Stewart's Seal (a dark brownish grey). I coated the tray with a couple of coats of poly for durability. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it withstands my mom's strict daily schedule of hot pots...time will tell!

I love the instant gratification of painting something small! You could do this to anything - a jewellery box, a knife block, book ends...I'm always hunting around the small wooden items section at the thrift stores. I'm in the middle of painting old frames for props for my wedding photo booth - can't wait to show you!

How's your Monday going so far friends?


  1. i love that, lenore. i have a tray that is somewhat similar and wasn't sue what i wanted to do with it... love that!

  2. Fantastic! AND, I am moving in a few weeks and have been looking for that perfect white/grey color and "Aura" looks perfect!

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls

  3. Thanks ladies!

    Lexi - Sorry for the confusion but Aura is the type of paint (with a built-in primer) rather than the colour. I used a mistint, which means it's an oops and doesn't have a colour name. BM has awesome colours though so I'm sure you'll find something good!


  4. This turned out fantastic!!!! Lenore...you blow me away ;)


  5. That. Is. Adorable. You're making me want to try, but it wouldn't turn out half as lovely as yours.

  6. I love your Tea tray, Lenore!

  7. Just went through all of your before and after (stalker alert!) and absolutely love them. You are so talented!


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