17 May 2011

Hairstyle Icon

When J was working out of town last week, I downloaded season 1 and 2 of The City. I know, I know, realtity TV will eat your brain but I love a little fluff on my downtime and I especially love fluff about big cities, fashion design and magazines (my childhood dream was to be a mag editor!).

Plus I find cutie and clothing designer Whitney Port very likeable amongst all the bee-atchy reality gals (she has a cool blog you should check out!).  And she's my new hairstyle icon! I love love all the cute, whimsical ways she styles her long straight hair and I've been drawing inspiration from them all week!

Like these simple side twists...

{image via}
 Or the one-side twist...

 The twisty low pony...

The high bun...

The messy hairband...

The hairband and high bun combo...

The half-updo french braid...

And today's style, the low twist (Super easy to do this morning and I think it's a keeper for me! ).

{images via}

Who's your hairstyle icon friends? Who's picture are you always ripping out of a magazine to bring to your stylist?

I've been pondering my wedding hairstyle...any recommendations on up vs. down?

Have a lovely day my friends!


  1. For your wedding hair, my advice is to wear your hair however it makes your feel most beautiful. I wore my hair up because I thought it would stay put and last longer that way, but in retrospect I really wish I would have worn it down with loose curls, which is how I feel my best.

    Try lots of styles and don't settle until you've found one that makes you feel like a million bucks. Deep down, you might already know what style that is :)

  2. Hmh.. hair idol.. If I say Zooey are you going to judge? Because it is Zooey. haha.


  3. I love her, she always looks good!

  4. I saw your comment on Orchid Grey about swapping, I just wanted to show you our Swap Directory. Maybe there is a event in your city, if not check back soon.

  5. Thanks for the great advice Emma - I think you're totally bang on. I already pretty much know what I want (down) but I was thinking about 'up' because I thought it would last longer and be out of my way. I need to stay true to myself :)

    Thanks for the great link Punky! I will keep an eye on it for nearby events.



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