08 May 2011

To all the lovely mothers...

Happy Mother's Day to my hot mama! (sorry for my nakedness in this shot...)

We had a fantastic brunch this morning with my mom, my sister and her family, my grandma, my aunt and J's mom. It was so nice to celebrate all the wonderful mom's in my life. A special shout out to the other moms I love on this very special day - my stepmom Laura, my other grandma Cathy and my amazing mom and mom-to-be girlfriends (Laureen, Carrie, Jess, Shannon, Anna, Leah, Martha, Mel, Tara, Liz and Shauna).

Hope you found a special way to honour your mama today!


  1. i love that you are not only naked, but naked and sitting on a rock. that couldn't have felt good! Your mom's adorable!

  2. Thanks Lady! Glad you had a great Mumma's day with your Mum and rest of family. We had a beautiful lunch at my step mum/dad's and was lovely. Love you, Carr

  3. Love you L! Thank you!


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