02 May 2011

Agency Style Peek: Festivalitis

Say hi to Theresa! She's an account director here at Fusion. Last week, she got back from Coachella so we're all just a little bit jealous (at least the music geeks like me are!). I was loving her hippy-casual festival look (plus she's usually dressed up fancy pants for client meetings), so I snagged her for a few pics for today's Agency Style Peek. Doesn't she look like she just got back from frolicking amonst So-Cal's desert plains while uber-hip bands rock out on stage?

Minus the boots of course. That's just because we all woke up to 4 inches of show yesterday. Every girl in the office had to break her boots out of storage for work today...all you could hear were boot heels clacking around.

Sheer floral tunic - H&M
Grey skinny jeans - Michael Kors (purchased in LA - ooh la la!)
Boots - Aldo

As for the shows, Theresa's faves were The National and The Black Keys!

Question for you - what's the best concert you've ever seen? Mine's a toss up between The Prodigy at the Brixton Academy in London (97), The Pixies at Red's in Edmonton (2003?) and Madonna at the MGM Grand in Vegas (2006). We just got word the Kings of Leon are coming to Winnipeg this fall so I'm hoping to score tickets!

Have a great day friends!


  1. love those boots- best concert ever- that is hard- I've been to a few Phish shows that were pretty fun but I guess U2 wins- all three shows I've seen.
    Oh and RHCP- oh and Blind Melon.

    WAIT- best show ever was Tragically Hip in Rotterdam…..

  2. ooo she is a cutey! i'm jealous of her coachella adventures also! my favorite concert was by far mumford and sons, twice!

  3. Definitely the Black Keys!! At the Fox Theatre in Oakland! Absolutely amazing. So jealous of her travels to Coachella.

  4. She's lovely.

    And can I just say how incredibly envious I am that you got to see The Pixies!? How incredible was it?

    My best concert would have to be.. Loretta Lynn. I wasn't a huge fan at the time, but she played in a meadow, we all sipped wine, and it was lovely.


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