30 April 2011

Quick Hello!

Okay, so I had all these big plans to have a nice relaxing quiet weekend catching up on my blogging. But....as you know, things don't always happen as planned. We got word from our tenant in Gimli that the stove stopped working so we've been running around looking at used appliances to buy a new one to bring out there.

Plus, I made huge headway on my invites yesterday thanks to my awesome designer friend Lorraine and now I'm in focus mode with one thing in mind - getting these done this weekend! I've been designing and printing and cutting and trimming and making Staples and Michael's runs...but I know it's all going to be worth it! I can't wait to put them together and take picks to show you.

J is headed out tonight to hang with the guys and watch UFC. I picked up the lated In Style Magazine and America's Next Top Model is on. It's cold and rainy anyway so a good night to collapse under the duvet!

How is your weekend going? I hope you're having a good one friends! Talk to you soon...

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  1. your Saturday night sounds just as lovely as mine. the mister is heading out to a shindig with his boyz, and i will be cozied up with the couch, some knitting, watching some favourite old movies :) cheers to us! and good luck with your invites!


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