07 April 2011

Arts Junktion

This week I discovered a very cool place here in Winnipeg called Arts Junktion. This not-for-profit has a super simple premise - salvage junk from landfills that could be used as art supplies. You can drop off and donate your old supplies...and you can come and take what you need! It's like 'leave a penny, take a penny' for creatives.

How can you support this great idea? Check out their website for a list of accepted items for donation, artists can donate pieces of art for their annual auction and by becoming a member, it's free and Arts Junktion can show strong membership numbers when applying for grants and other funding. Become a member here!

So what did I find in my treasure hunt? All kinds of great wedding finds! These fantastic wood frames...I'm thinking of painting them and using them as signs or photo props at the wedding.

A collection of rustic clothes pins that I plan to use to hang my seating charts...

And an assortment of pretty ivory and teal buttons to use on my wedding dress! (they will act as centres for the lace clusters on my waistband)

There were all kinds of cool things at Arts Junktion for fun projects. They have a reasonable sized fabric section with lots of good sized scraps, it's even divided by colour! There's stacks of old magazines, wallpaper remnants, scrap wood, old file folders, pieces of tile...all free! Yay for creativity! I could go on but you just need to go there yourself...

For those of you outside Winnipeg, do you have programs like this near you? Isn't it just a simple, smart concept? I love how they're promoting the arts while being kind to the planet. :)

Have an amazing day friends!


  1. Fantastic! We'll be popping in there very soon :)

  2. I'd heard of Arts Junktion but I haven't stopped by yet. Looks like you've discovered a great resource!

  3. Thanks for talking about this... I had no idea it existed!


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