28 April 2011

Before and After: Ocean Deep Weathered Farm Chair

Hey friends! Happy Thursday! Last night J and I went to see The Pixies in concert and can I just say - awesomeness! Plus how sweet is my guy to forgo Game 7 in the Habs/Bruins showdown to see my beloved band? We had a blast and having been a bit of a concert queen in my youth, it was so great to have all those feelings flood me of why I love the passion and energy of live music. Rock on!

So remember those Lather Creations commissions I've been working on for lovely local photographers Melanie and Erin? Well here's the first of three new reveals. Erin fell in love with the Milk White Weathered Farm Chair that Melanie picked up for her studio and picked out one for herself.

She wanted a truly stand out colour to come through in her photography so we decided on an ultra-vibrant ocean turquoise. I just love the way the 100-year old wood peeks through the watery colour, don't you? Bright colours on rustic, distressed antique pieces are my absolute fave.

The chair was coated in water-based poly of course so it's kid-friendly for all those wee little photo shoots! Enjoy your chair Erin and I can't wait to see it in action.

There's still two more pieces to show off so check back later this week for those! Have a fab day friends.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. The turquoise pops, no doubt about it!

  2. Wow! What a great color! I love it! :)Alyssa

  3. Beautiful! I'm a huge fan of turquoise and the wood showing through is perfect. Nice job!

  4. Beautiful! Love the color of the wood showing through the turquoise.


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