25 April 2011

From the Kitchen: Summer Soiree Appetizer Wraps

Did you all have a fabulous Easter long weekend? I did and I took today off to get some extra recharge time in!

Last night we had family dinner at J's aunt and uncle's place and it was a blast! We had an egg crack-off (new to me!) plus lots of delicious food. I was in charge of a cold appie so J and I spent yesterday morning putting together our assorted wraps. They're super easy to make and provide a snazzy, colourful and tasty addition to any summer party. Here's how we made them:

You'll need:

-Assorted flour tortilla wraps (we used plain, tomato basil and three cheese for lots of colour)
-spreadable cream cheese
-Assorted fillings

Spread a thin layer of cream cheese on each tortilla, then spread your toppings across the middle lower part of the tortilla. Then roll it tight, put it in the fridge to set and cut it into angled slices before adding them to your tray.

We made the following flavours:

Dried Cranberry and Cream Cheese 

Pickled Asparagus, Ham and Cream Cheese (thin layer of shaved cooked ham topped with two pickled asparagus)

Mild Pepperoncinis, Ham and Cream Cheese (Pepperoncinis are like a jalapeno but not as spicy)

I also made some fun little labels on toothpicks to tell guests what the different flavours were,  a variation on the ones I did for my niece's birthday cupcakes... (see this post on how to make them)

They were a huge hit at the party and we came up with all kinds of variations for the wraps - from smoked salmon, fresh dill and cream cheese to salsa and grated cheddar to pepperoni, sundried tomato and cream cheese. Oh my, the possibilities are endless! We also decided that would be our 'signature' appetizer to bring to family gatherings so I'll definitely be experimenting with different flavours.

What's your signature dish you always tend to bring to family gatherings?

Happy Monday friends!


  1. These look delicious - especially the pepperoncini ones! I've heard these wraps called tortilla roll-ups and pinwheels, but I just love my brother-in-law's name for them: "prairie sushi".

  2. sweet potato casserole. even though i want to bring other things, this is almost always requested!

  3. So cute! What font did you use for the labels?

  4. that's such a cute idea and you're right, so perfect for summer!


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