24 April 2011

This is what relaxation looks like...

It looks like a pile of books from your favourite authors all found at the same thrift shop!

It looks like warm weather with sunglasses and no jacket!

It looks like the expression of joy on your pup's face from spending most of the day lying in the sun in the backyard!

It looks like pulling your cruiser out for the first bike ride of the year!

It looks like your sweetie lacing up his rollerblades so that you, he and the pup can enjoy the nice weather as a family!

It looks like three completed Lather Creations commissions, just waiting to head to their new homes! (pics to come)

What does your happy easter look like friends? I hope it's been as relaxing and joyful as mine!

1 comment:

  1. looks fabulous!
    jemima j is one of my all time faves! and i think i already told you about my love for jodi picoult.


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