19 April 2011

Agency Style Peek: Shades of Grey

Is it vain to feature myself in my own Agency Style Peek? Maybe so, but I know I've been neglecting you guys so I thought the least I could do was give you a little look at some Fusion office fashion. Fashion might be stretching it, but I won't lie - this is a dressed up look for a copywriter.  They even let me get away with sweatshirts around here! 

Since I secretly fantasize about being a style blogger, dressing up for you each day and snapping my daily outfit - I thought this was the next best thing.

Hello hello!

Top: Made by my AMAZING sister - yup, she made this baby with no pattern!
Jeans: Old Gap bootcuts
Flats: Aldo here

What is keeping me so busy? Life...okay to be more specific - my wedding invites (I'll give you a sneak peek this week), getting inventory ready for my Etsy shop and final preparations on my Red River College workshops Intro to Social Media and Learn to Blog!

What do you wear to work friends?


  1. Nope, it's not vain ;)

    I wanna attend your workshop!!! Also, can't wait to see your invites!

  2. Oh you pretty pretty girl! You can take as many pictures of yourself as you want! <3


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