13 April 2011

Summer of the Dress

Okay, this post was planned BEFORE it started to snow today. But regardless, I know it's not here to stay so I continue to bubble over with excitement about summer dressing! For me, this is going to be the season of the dress. I've picked up quite a few (I haven't bought new dresses in forever plus with all the wedding events I needed new frocks) and I can't wait to mix and match them with cardis, belts, purses, shoes and jewellery! All I can think about it throwing on my super simple summer dresses and dipping my toes in the lake....

Here is one of my latest purchases, from good old reliable Old Navy. It's white eyelet (love love eyelet) and it's fully lined (a must!) with cute little sleeves (great for when I don't care to bear arms!). Now the fun part - seeing how many times i can wear it in different ways!

{image via Old Navy}

How about you? Are you pro-dress? What's your fave style?


  1. A perfect summer dress! So versatile and feminine.

  2. i'm totally pro dress!! anything i can wear out in the sun that won't give me funny tan lines. and maxi dresses!


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