06 April 2011

Etsy Love: Woodsy Touches

Happy Wednesday friends! I hope you're having a good week? Work is busy so it's just flying by around here. The warm weather is back and I have officially ditched my socks - yee haw! (I probably shouldn't have said that - I probably jinxed it now and a blizzard will roll in tomorrow...)

Anyway, it's been awhile since we've talked about the wedding and truth is - I've just been so busy with everything else! My next big project is the invites, we bought a fancy-pants new printer and I just need to finalize my design!

For now, I've been thinking about my sweet hubby-to-be. I love super personalized gifts and I've been wondering what special little thing I could present him on wedding day...since he's a woodworker and owns a hardwood flooring company (and I paint vintage wood furniture), trees and wood motifs have HUGE symbolism for us. I've had my eye on these lovely pieces from Etsy shop Woodcrafts by Mark Diller.


Aren't they regal yet rustic looking? I love the razor...

I also need to get J a wedding band. At first I was eyeing these gorgeous wood inlay rings from Jewelry by Johan. I showed them to J and he loved them! But then we read that they shouldn't be immersed in water and that just wouldn't work with J's job and lifestyle.

{all images by Jewelry by Johan}

They were perfect though and I was sad for a while.

Until I discovered these! These amazing wood styled rings from Beth Cyr Weddings are forged in sterling silver to resemble a knarled tree trunk. Then it's aged with a patina finish that gives it more texture and a vintage feel.  I think it's absolutely perfect for J!

Know what's even better? They come in his and hers sets! I wasn't planning to get a wedding band (I love my engagement ring on it's own) but the thought of us sharing the same wood rings just makes my heart swoon!
{all images via Beth Cyr Weddings}

Tell me friends, do you choose to have a wedding band on top of your engagement ring? Did you pick out your hubby's ring or buy him a wedding gift?

I'd love to hear your stories of rings and man gifts!


  1. Okay- this is crazy but the ring above is the exact same wedding ring Dr J and I got married with ten years ago- They were made by one of my best best friends who owns Made You Look on Queen St.
    Crazy right- Ours were a bit thicker but exactly the same.
    We both lost ours within the first year (we were living in the Caribbean and going to the beach everyday) - We have (access to) the mold and figured we could always 'remake' them- I just wear my diamond- and Dr J doesn't wear jewelry- he has to wash his hands so often during the day that a ring is not conducive to his job.

  2. Love all the rings Lenore! Love the wooden gifts too.

  3. My husband and I got my engagement ring and our bands custom made as a set by Bijou in St. Boniface. I wanted a square ring with a stone and a band as a set, and he got a square ring to match. Mine were made in platinum and his in white gold (I'm allergic to white gold). My engagement ring stone is an adalusite (a semi-precious stone first found in Andulusia, but mine came from Brazil), with the band a row of chocolate and cognac diamonds. His band has one chocolate and one cognac diamond set into the band - the stones were my present to him.

  4. Of course you need a wedding band! When you get older and maybe have children, you might not want to wear your engagement ring everyday. The faux bois rings are beautiful. Maybe I'll get one myself. Ann


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