28 February 2012

Style Peek: Coral Cardigan + Black and Pink Swallow Print Dress

Hello! How are you doing today? I'm pretty tired because let's just say that puppy training is not a cakewalk!! We're having some serious issues with Henry crying all night in his kennel and it's not something we experienced with Gus. Argghhh! We're trying everything so if you have any tips or tricks - do share!

So interesting story about this dress...it was my first ever purchase from UK retailer New Look. I love their clothes and was excited for this fun and casual bird dress. When it finally arrived, I opened the package and found they had sent the dress 2 sizes too big. I had a little panic attack and tried to contact them via Twitter, FB, email and any other way I could find....cue crickets noise....no response! Nada! Nothing! Nothing makes my blood boil more than bad customer service. When I didn't hear anything, I decided to try the dress on to see  what I could salvage with alterations. Turns out, because of the elastic waist and blousy fit, I could get away with the bigger size (sniffles :) and I actually love the dress (and the adorable pockets!). I do a lot of online ordering so a snafu was bound to happen...but still no word from them?? What would you do? The clothes are adorable, but would you write them off in principle?  I probably already know your answer...

dress from New Look
coral cardigan from Gap (shop similar)
coral and gold necklace from Forever 21 (shop similar)

Do you have any online ordering horror stories? Has it kept you off the web or do you shop online anyway?


  1. Frustrating customer service for sure! At least it is a really cute dress? But after hearing your exp I wouldn't be too inclined to make any purchases from them.

  2. very cute outfit- I don't envy you puppy training- Hope all is well-

  3. I'm one likely to boycott. In fact there are a couple retailers online (and in the city) I'm currently boycotting. It's a character trait I picked up from my grandfather The dress's print is pretty fabulous. I might give them the benefit on the doubt on that one!

  4. Love the dress! As for customer service, I'm for giving them one more chance? :) dress is too cute. You have inspired me to embrace dresses btw ;)

  5. Very pretty dress! Love the pattern, and the coral sweater is the perfect touch! Great outfit...put together so lovely :)

  6. what a pretty dress, so glad it worked out for you! I've been wanting to get something from New Look for a while now. great blog, I'm also a winnipeg blogger and always glad to discover others! xx

  7. Love the dress Lenore!! Coral is a great colour on you!


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