20 March 2012

Style Peek: whimsical chair print blouse + skinny jeans

Happy Spring friends! It seems somewhat symbolic that I will emerge from my blogging slumber on the first day of the fresh new season, non? I hope you are all doing well and I really missed you. I missed blogging but I really did need a break...and continue to reset my internal compass in order to make sure I'm living the life I want. 

It's been a very busy month. Lots of ups and downs. We lost a loved one from Jack's side of the family, so there were many tears and heavy hearts mixed with relief that she is finally at peace after a long battle with illness. I seriously explored a new career direction and this involved lots of stressful sleepless nights flip flopping on what was the best next move for me and our family. In the end, it was just not the right opportunity for me and I decided to stay where I am and feel extremely grateful for the amazing workplace I have and people I love seeing every day. Henry is growing from a little puppy into a BIG puppy and we're enjoying introducing him to dog parks and this weekend - the cabin! YES! It is so warm here in Manitoba that we've decided to do our earliest cabin visit ever...can't wait! 

I've also been doing a massive, slow closet overhaul and you'll see new items added to my Shop My Closet tab (on the upper nav) weekly as I methodically go through each item and FINALLY let go of what doesn't work, doesn't fit, shouldn't have bought...you know the drill. But this leaves room for fresh new items - like this blouse I bought from ASOS over in the UK. It has CHAIRS on it!!!! Their CURVE collection is so modern and fashion forward. Now that I know my size well, ordering is a breeze and they offer free worldwide delivery. I got this on sale with a coupon code so double score! I have a little secret for you....us busty gals often need to go up a size to fit our blouses. This leaves them long and frumpy and not-so-flattering...so I hem them to a flattering hip length! This is pretty easy to do yourself or you can bring the item to a local tailor - totally worth the $10!!

chair print blouse - ASOS (buy here)
skinny jeans - AE (buy here)
black flats - Aldo (buy here)

Hope you are all having an amazing first day of spring! Hugs!


  1. so sorry for your loss-
    Love the outfit- the pattern is just adorable.

  2. Chairs? Oh my, LOVE!

    Sorry about your loss

  3. Oh wow those are very beautiful .Your excitement is clearly justified! I want to tell youtrue religion shorts is my favorite and hope you can come in and see.

  4. how CUTE is that shirt!!!! so sorry about your loss :(
    hugs tereza

  5. I love your blouse!! You are adorable!!

  6. Love your outfit Lenore. I am so sorry it's taken me so long to get over here and comment. I admired your outfit quickly on the blog preview, but didn't get a chance to read the post.
    I'm sorry you had a rough week, but am really glad that you were able to work through your decision about a new job and determine what was right for your family. Thinking of you and Jack as you grieve the loss of your loved one. Hugs. xo

  7. Is this really you? Dressed just like a little girl!


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