13 December 2011

Style Peek: sapphire dress + mustard cardi + red belt

Sapphire + Mustard + Red? Oh yes. I was feeeling a little feisty and decided to throw them all together in one happy outfit! This is my new Modcloth dress and I love love it...it's so cute, comfy and vibrant...plus it will go four seasons! I topped it with my favourite mustard cardi plus this cute skinny tomato red woven belt. How's that for taking a risk?

You probably can't tell but it was so cold the day I wore this that I have on tights, leggings, butter socks AND my boots! Anything to be able to wear those dresses... :)

Sapphire for Hire dress - Modcloth (shop here)
mustard cardigan - Gap (shop similar)
charcoal leggings - Hue (shop here)

Tell me...what's the craziest colour combo you've put together and loved?

Have an amazing day friends! Hope you're getting into the holiday spirit!


  1. OMG! I can't wait to get this dress. It's waiting for me under the Christmas tree at my mom and dad's place. ;)

  2. I love the lace collar! Such a perfect detail!

  3. cute, cute, CUTE!
    i adore mustard!
    such a fun colour to mix and match!
    i just ordered 3 dresses from modcloth a couple of weeks ago.
    can't wait to get them.
    yay for cheaper shipping! woot!
    great look!
    isn't it so nice to layer, layer, layer here in chilly mb?

  4. i love the dress! absolutely adorable!

  5. Love this colour combo! Modcloth has some great stuff huh? I really need to put in an order, especially since shipping to Canada is alot easier. Although, it's Christmas so perhaps I should wait until the new year :)

  6. Loooooove that blue dress. The details are amazing Lenore!

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