19 September 2011

Joe Fresh Beauty Week: Vividly Modern

Welcome to Joe Fresh Beauty Week! 

As a big fan of the modern clothing and beauty items that Joe Fresh has make accessible to everyone, this is a challenge that I was happy to take on. I'm so excited to share four looks I put together playing around with a bag full of fun, stylish, affordable colours from the lovely folks at Joe Fresh. 

I thought we'd start the Monday look off with a bang - what do you say?

Talk about trying something new...when I saw the bright fuchsia lipstick in the bag, I definitely grimaced a little. Soooo not my thing. But once I started playing around with a more naked face, my confidence grew and I started to really have fun with it!

The look: Vividly Modern - bright lips+bare face

The base: After washing my face, I did my regular morning face routine of dabbing concealer around my eyes, nose and red areas, topping it off with translucent powder.

Key Steps: The cream blush and cream eyeshadows were all applied liberally with my fingers, dabbed on then blended well. I spread the Marigold shadow all over the lid and the Mocha in the crease. For the intense lip colour, I carefully applied it making sure to focus on the lining of my lips, dabbed it with a tissue then reapplied.

How and where I'd wear this look: I think this would be a very cool edgy look to pair with a stark white or black outfit (to let the lips stand out) and tousled/messy-ish hair to late drinks with the girls (they'd get it more than my guy :) I would definitely need to be having a super confident day, but who knows - make rocking the look is what makes you confident??

*all Joe Fresh beauty products c/o Joe Fresh

Tell me friends, are you a fan of bright lip colour or do you stick to neutrals?

Hope you all have an amazing Monday and don't forget to take a little fashion risk here and there!


  1. The pink looks good on you! I can't pull off coloured lipstick, my lips are too huge and I look like a clown. I wish I could pull off a Christina Hendrick's look! (Red hair and all..)

  2. I have almost the same colour. It looks lovely on you. Have you tried a very pale pink? I was a little iffy on the pale pink at first, but it looks great with rather fair skin!

  3. This is such a pretty look! And I feel you on the lip color; sometimes I'm afraid to go so bold. But it looks incredible on you. :)

  4. I purchased a bright pink lipstick this summer and I've only wore it once. You've inspired me to give it another try. Also, your hair looks amazing!!!


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